The Model 330 is Bernina’s entry-level machine that has been introduced to the public more than a decade ago and still being patronized until now. Let’s find out in the Bernina 330 review why this particular model is still manufactured and still selling considering the hundreds of newer and supposedly better players in the sewing machine industry.


Bernina 330 Review: Basically Basic


This Bernina is waaaaay before the Bernina 7 or even the 5 series thus it still runs on an older hook system (Bernina CB hook system). Though there’s no need to be concerned as this system has proven to be reliable and is still used until now. Fitting bobbins are still widely available in the market as again, they are still very much used. So aside from the hook system, what other things can we expect from this older model? A lot.


This machine is quite fast considering the decade it was first created. It sews at a maximum speed of 900 stitches per minute. That is still faster than newer entry & intermediate level machines. Maximum stitch length s 5.5mm and width is 5mm, obviously shorter than new sewing machine models but it doesn’t seem to bother B 330 owners. LED lights are pre-installed on this model for a well lit working experience. B 330 is capable of 9 alternative needle positions. 3 manual thread cutters are installed on the most strategically placed for the user’s convenience.


The space from the needle is 6.25″. This model already comes with the built-in short and long memory storage for customized stitch settings/ combinations. The sewing pace (speed) can also be adjusted on this machine via the slide speed control. You can make changes on the stitch even while sewing. Other included features are the needle stop up/ down button, built-n manual needle threader, the capability to wind a bobbin while sewing. It works by a push of the start/ stop button, but a foot pedal can still be used if preferred.


It also has the pattern start/ end function but it is not yet c0mpatible with the Bernina stitch regulator which was only introduced more recently along with a couple of more advanced Bernina models. The B330 is capable of 97 different stitches including 15 utility stitches, 1 buttonhole, 3 quilting stitches and a darning program.


Bernina 330 Review: Product Introduction



Overall, this is a great starter machine, especially knowing that the quality has been used and trusted for years. Advanced sewists or those that have already worked with bigger and/ or newer machines with more features might find it lacking in some areas because there will be a point of comparison. For beginners, however, this machine will more than suffice your sewing demands.


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