Among the pioneers of Bernina’s 7 series, the Bernina 740 Sewing Machine gave Bernina‘s consumers an appetizer on what turned up to be a full course meal of newly and exclusively innovated advanced sewing machine features. Let’s find out more about the Bernina 740 Review.


Bernina 740 Review: New Innovation


Bernina 740 is among the firsts models that were installed with the Bernina Hook. This is a patented innovation that the main concept is a precisely placed driver that allows the Bernina hook unhindered movement so it can run faster and yet maintain a quiet operation. That being said, B740 is capable of maximum sewing capacity of 1000 stitches per minute. Aside from this signature hook system, another coveted feature was added. It is a larger bobbin that can accommodate 70% more thread than standard bobbins. This is definitely a time and effort saver.

The B 740 (as well as the rest of the Bernina 7 series) allows you complete stitch control. Width, length as well as the needle position can be adjusted based on your preference or what the project requires. These customized stitch settings can be saved and recalled at a later time when you need to use it again. On top of this is another exclusive innovation from Bernina which is the BSR or Bernina sewing regulator that is a game changer for freehand sewing.


Bernina 740 Review: Standard Features


On top of the new innovative features we discussed above, the B 740 also retained standard features like bobbin winding while sewing, semi-automatic needle threading, and 3 manual thread cutters placed exactly where you need them. It still has the individual direct selection buttons for start/ stop button function, raising and lowering the presser foot, automatic thread cutter and reverse sewing function.

Maximum allowable stitch width is 9mm while maximum length is 6mm. To keep the work area well lit, 30 pieces of LED are installed. Navigation/ operation are performed through a 4.3″full-color touchscreen display. The B740 allows 11 varying needle positions, presser foot pressure adjustment, adaptive thread tension, and speed control. It has a total of 800 built-in stitches including the alphabets/ fonts, decorative and utility stitches, buttonholes and darning programs.

I might have missed a feature or 2 or 3, but trust me, whatever it is you need, the Bernina 740 as well as the rest of the 7 series model most probably what you need and a lot more.


Bernina 740 Review: User Interface


Below is a video of basic user interface navigation to give you a feel of how it’s like to operate the Bernina 740.



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