Oh, so the Bernette brand really exist? Yes, and they are Bernina made and developed.Now let’s take a look at one of Bernette’s combo model in this Bernette Chicago 7 review.


Bernette Chicago 7 Review: Origin & Overview


“Meet Bernette, Bernina’s daughter.” Yes, that’s right. Bernina has a daughter. We all know that Bernina equates to high technology, top of the line, superior quality and expensive sewing machines. That’s ok if you can afford it then why not get the best right? But what if you can’t? Then don’t despair, this is exactly the reason why Bernette was born. This is Bernina’s way of providing good quality sewing machines for less.

Bernette’s Chicago 7 is the first combo (combination) sewing machine made by Bernette. It is capable of sewing and embroidering.


Bernette Chicago 7 Review: Features


The Chicago 7 is packed with features every sewist with love to have on their sewing machine. It has automatic bobbin winding feature, easy to replace snap-on presser feet, thread tension adjustment dial, semi-automatic needle threader.

This machine uses the conventional and reliable drop-in hook system. It has a button operated needle-stop up/ down button as well as reverse stitch and lock functions. Chicago 7 has a total of 200 pre-loaded stitches. 100 built-in embroidery motifs, 20 quilting stitches and 14 utility stitches including 1-step buttonhole and more miscellaneous stitches. It is capable of sewing as fast as 800 stitches per minute. Width can be adjusted to a maximum of 7mm. Just like any computer operated sewing machines, it has an LCD display that shows you the stitch you have selected. It also displays recommendations on which presser feet to use and thread tension setting based on your selected type of stitch and width/ length setting. Chicago 7 has a USB port for you to import your personal designs. One notable feature of the Chicago 7 is its ability to monitor and check needle, bobbin and bobbin threads. This makes the machine more reliable as it automatically stops sewing if it senses a needle breaks or bobbin is empty.

The embroidery module that comes with the package can be easily attached to the sewing machine after removing the accessories box. Maximum embroidery area is 1410mm x 170mm. Aside from the embroidery module, the Chicago 7 already comes with 8 different presser feet to accommodate different types of stitch requirements, an assortment of needles, bobbins, a large embroidery hoop and a seam guide.


Bernette Chicago 7 Review: Product Introduction


Here is a short video that will show you initial machine set up and all primary functions you need to know.


Overall, the Chicago 7 is a great machine to have. Although it is lacking a few common features you would expect it already has like the LED lights and automatic thread cutter, knowing that this machine came from one of the worlds most reliable sewing machine brand kinda makes up for it.