Creating those decorative edges and ruffles has probably never been so easy and effortless before. The Brother Serger 1034D Serger sewing machine is reliable and simple to use. So, even if you’ve never serged before, this nifty piece of equipment makes serging a breeze!

You can easily use this sewing machine on a range of fabrics. Those decorative edgings that you’ve always wanted are a few stitches away now. And the best part is that you can save up to 59% if you buy it on Amazon today. Isn’t it a great deal?

What We Really Liked About Brother Serger 1034D Sewing Machine?

Honestly, we have used a couple of sergers before. But we were not entirely happy with their results on delicate fabrics. So, when we used this sewing machine, we were pleasantly surprised about what it can do.

The one aspect that really stood out is the differential fabric feed that the Brother sewing machine has. Whether you’re seaming, hemming or edging two thin, stretchy or knitted fabrics together, this sewing machine doesn’t compromise on the stitch quality at all.

That’s not all! There are a few additional features that we know you’ll really appreciate.

With 22 built-in stitch functions and 3-thread and 4-thread overlocks, rolled hem and ribbon lock stitches are possible. In fact, if you’ve been looking for a sewing machine that lets you complete a certain formal or bridal look or perhaps finish a DIY project for your home décor, then the Brother sewing machine will fulfill all your requirements.

Usually, serger sewing machines can be a bit tough to thread. But the Brother sewing machine’s color-coded as well as numbered upper and lower looper threading, printed manual, along with an instruction video makes it all quite simple.

What’s great about this sewing machine is that even though, it joins laces and helps in creating decorative and dainty edges, it makes use of standard sewing machine needles only. That’s like a major bonus, don’t you think so too?

We have to say that the Brother Serger 1034D sewing machine is one of the best pieces in the market today. Its amazing features definitely give it an edge, and its affordable price makes the Brother sewing machine a must-have.

What are the Benefits of Owing Brother Serger 1034D Sewing Machine?

If you’ve struggled to alter the stitch widths on a serger in the past, you’ll be really happy to know that a simple turn of a dial can change the width between 5mm and 7mm.

The removable free arm has proved to be a boon since serging cylindrical items like sleeves is possible by making a small change.

If you’ve been bothered by slow serger machines before, you’ll absolutely love the high speed that this Brother sewing machine model offers. Without compromising on the quality, this machine averages a whopping 1,300 stitches per minute. That’s a lot of time saved, if you ask us!

However, one thing that did bother us is the fact that it didn’t feel as smooth as a few sergers that we’ve used before. Also, we weren’t able to do coverlock and chain stitches. So, if you’re specifically looking for a sewing machine that can do these stitches, we suggest that you look at another sewing machine.

That being said, the Brother Serger 1034D sewing machine has some great features like the differential fabric feed, uses regular thread spoolers and needles, and the two snap-on feet. The ability to thread easily and work on the most delicate fabrics makes it stand apart from the rest. This is why we give the Brother sewing machine a big thumbs up!