Brother has been popularly known over the years for producing models of sewing machines that are very user-friendly and are a wise choice to purchase depending on the budget you have set aside. This is why, up to this day, Brother is considered to belong to the top manufacturers of sewing machines in the US. Let’s take a look if they meet your standards, particularly with this Brother HC1850.

Features and Overview

Brother HC1850 has a functional design. Its purpose is not limited only to regular sewing and quilting, but it can actually be used for simple monogramming, which is made possible by its alphanumeric stitches. Here is the list of what it offers you straight from its box.

Eight Specialty Presser Feet.  Zipper foot, overcasting foot, zigzag foot, monogramming foot, buttonhole foot, blind stitch foot, quilting foot, and button sewing foot.

130 Built-in Stitches. Yes, that is a lot! To break it down, it consists of eight unique varieties of one-step, automatic-size buttonholes and elegant decorative stitches for garment construction, quilting, and heirloom sewing. On top of these, it also comes with built-in monogramming sewing.

Detachable Wide Table. It makes it ideal for quilting and larger projects as it gives you sufficient space that requires a lot of movement.

LCD Backlit Display Screen. It allows you to choose your stitches brightly on the screen, and you can adjust on their width and length depending on your preference. It likewise guides you as to which foot to use when doing your chosen stitches.

Built-in Auto Needle Threader. With just a push on the lever, your thread will already be right through the eye of the needle.

Sewing Speed is Adjustable. From the three available speed options, you can manage to shift your sewing speed conveniently through its speed slide control. You no longer need to worry about having to do very slow stitches in fabrics that need to be sewn carefully.

Conveniently Set Bobbin Winding. No need to worry about having jams while you start pulling the thread to the slot. This feature allows you to start your sewing project right away!

Detachable Foot Controller. You now have the option to use the pedal or not when you sew on different kinds of fabric, which gives you more flexibility with working.

LED lights for Brightening the Work Area. This is most beneficial when you are doing a project late at night or even at day time, but you are sewing on darker shades of fabric.

Exceptional Feed System. This aids you in sewing smoothly and ensures that your stitches are more exact when formed.

Flip-chart at the Front of the Machine. Built right on to the machine, it guides you through choosing the next type of stitch you need to do.

Strengths of Brother HC1850

Needle Up/Down Position, Stop/Start, Reverse Stitch Buttons. The convenience this feature offers is not very common to most sewing machines sold at similar prices.

High Flexibility. It is the best you’ll ever have when you want to do regular sewing plus quilting and embroidery. Yes, it does all of these functions; and as it comes with a computer, it makes the experience very easy to be used.

Rich in Automated Functions. This enables the machine to be used easily from beginners to experts and even for seniors.

Drop Feed. This gives you full control of the height of the feed dogs. You no longer need to use those plastics and plated cards just to cover the feed dogs.

It Can Carry Multiple Layers of Heavy fabrics. You can absolutely go through multiple layers of fabric, and you won’t experience any problem. You need to make sure, however, that you pair it with a size 14 needle, its default needle size. One thing you should consider, though, if you are working into much thicker materials, it is best to purchase an industrial sewing machine.

Free Arm and Wide Table for Different Project Sizes. It includes an extended table and free arm so you can have the option to work comfortably when hemming cuffs, sleeves, legs collars and others that may be tough to access.

Easy to Set Up and User-Friendly. The printed visuals and labels in the machine enable you to quickly set it up. After its set up, you can view the instructional DVD, which makes you see that it is much more comfortable to use than expected. There is no issue when it comes to its maintenance when you make sure that the lint is cleaned regularly. Also, you must avoid applying oil into the machine as it does not operate well with such.

Very Lightweight.  Weighing for just about 10 pounds, although the machine is light, it feels more solid than other sewing machines. It is very easy to transport from one place to another because of its built-in handle.

Weaknesses of Brother HC1850

It has limited quilting options. It only offers the basics when it comes to quilting and monogramming. It is not highly recommended if quilting takes the most part of your project, it is best that you go for a more advanced model.

You cannot connect it directly to a computer or the internet. The disadvantage in this sewing machine is that you cannot download additional stitches styles aside from what is included in it.

Not so bright LED lights. For those who are in their seniors and with a poorer vision, it would have been better if the LED lights operated more brightly.

The reverse stitch option doesn’t perform equally well with the varying stitches. It may trouble you since some stitches using this option may take time to be reinforced, which may take much of your time.

It does not come with a case or cover. It may be troublesome for you to purchase a case or cover to protect the device. While this may be inexpensive, the lask of a protective cover for such causes inconvenience on the part of its users.

Not very quiet. You’re not free to use the machine, especially when it’s late at night or if you are living in a small area with very close neighbors.


It is worth mentioning that it has functions and options that are not common to other sewing machines. Beginners will greatly benefit from Brother HC1850. The user-friendly features of the machine will serve them best. On the other hand, if you sew daily or want a machine for quilting, it is not recommended if you are looking for durability.

If you are the highly-skilled type user of digital or computerized sewing machines, you won’t be treating Brother HC1850 as exceptional. While it may have functions that work automatically, still, it is limited since there is no option to connect it to the internet.