Brother LS2125i is a lightweight and compact machine for daily use.

If you are searching for a sewing machine that is compact and is light to carry along, this model from Brother is definitely perfect for you. It is structured to please users who are mostly beginners as it is suited for light sewing tasks. You can work on your sewing at any spot you are most comfortable at any given time as you can transport this equipment as it weighs only 12 lbs. With a 1.5 x 6.5 inches dimension, it is very convenient to move it from one desk or table to another when you need to do some minor alterations on your clothing.

Brother LS2125i has an easy-to-use stitch collection process, which gives you a variety of patterns for your preferred style of stitching. It comes with an automatic upper tension thread dial that operates by just turning its dial to pick-up tension. Except for heavier materials such as denim, the thread tension remains unchanged and does not need to be changed. This function likewise guarantees you that your stitching runs smoothly on the fabric. The automatic buttonhole attachment is an added tool that makes the machine just easy to use. Other features that are also present in all Brother sewing machines include the auto thread, twin needle, and the anti-jam bobbin and reverse stitching level.

The Brother LS2125i consists of the following: three press feet; button sewing, a zipper, and buttonhole foot. The accessory pouch inside its box is composed of: needle set, three bobbins, twin needle, darning plate and a screwdriver. Unfortunately, carry-case is not included and it was never offered as an optional item to be purchased separately. Lastly, it comes with an instructional manual written in both Spanish and English languages.

Best Feature

Its lightweight build defines its easy portability. Although it is known for its portability, you can expect that it can work in full capacity. It is very ideal to use for a lot of sewing tasks. You don’t need to spend so much to get a good quality sewing machine which you can use every day. Another great factor for this machine and for all Brother models is the kind of instructional manual it gives to its users. It is so easy to be understood, well-written and concise. After reading it, you can start sewing right away! It is always use-friendly and it motivates beginners to progress on their skills in a short span of time.


Yes, it is portable, but it does not have a carry-case. It is very contradictory that the ad for this sewing machine highlights its portability, but it does not have any carry-case inside its box. It places a burden on its users for looking for its protective case when they plan to use it and move from one table or desk to the other.

Overall Assessment

This model from Brother is definitely worth to be given recommendations to be used, especially for beginners or sewers who do jobs frequently. It will meet your expectations and might actually exceed it! With its value, I can prove that it does its job beautifully!