Brother ST371HD is frequently compared with Brother XM1010, as both are known to be as electric sewing machines for daily use. However, in terms of strength and durability, Brother ST371HD is designed to be strong enough to perform heavier tasks for a longer period of time, which also means that it needs to be operated by someone with more advanced sewing skills.

What makes it popular in the market is that with its value, it has 37 built-in stitches already, which makes it very reasonable for an electric sewing machine.

In this review, we will focus more on Brother ST371HD’s distinct feature, which is its strength and durability.

First, let’s look into its heavy-duty construction.

Known to perform well with thicker materials and fabric, it is given that Brother ST371HD is structured with a strong-built enabling it to secure all its weighted-pieces through its powerful frame made of metal.

The needle plate, which is likewise made of metal, has a significant use for preventing the thread pick up speed from being worn out as the device gets older. It guarantees that the threading mechanism will not be damaged easily.


Second, let’s talk about its versatility.

Brother ST371HD is a very flexible sewing device as it can be used for several types of fabric.

Completing sewing jobs on heavier type of materials is of no concern as the unit is primarily structured to suit your comfort with tougher materials when sewing. On the other hand, it can also function best with fabrics that are of lighter type, for instance, silk, which makes this model perfect for those who need to work on a single machine with various sewing tasks.

The versatility of this device is due to its heavy-duty motor and needle set that has multiple functions. Working at a maximum of 800 stitches per minute, its motor is fueled to have needle stitch through hard type of materials without leaving its user with any tension on their backs.

The needle set consists of #11 needles that are best suited for a lighter type of materials, #14 needles for sewing multiple folds of fabric, and #16 needles, which works best for thicker and tougher materials.


Third, let’s appreciate how Brother ST371HD is very easy to use.

While the whole device may have a very strong appearance, it shouldn’t intimidate its users because this machine is very simple to use.

To specify, the panel in its front part is labeled with a guide that could serve as a reference for the 37 variety of stitches it offers. This proves that the Brother ST371HD is made not only for expert sewers but also for those who have just started developing a love for sewing.

Another feature worthy to note is that it has a stitch selector dial, which you can scroll to choose which preferred stitch number should be used. The user is cautiously guided through the tiny window shown live while working on a sewing task, a very advantageous option compared to machines that consist of merely a dial selector.


Here is our final evaluation:

For someone who does different types of sewing jobs, considering to purchase Brother ST371HD is definitely the best decision to take. With its strongest feature based on versatility, it is ranked as a top choice among other sewing machines.