For beginners and professional sewers and quilters alike, what makes Brother XL3750 stand out is its impressive combination of basic and highly-developed functions. There is nothing more you can look for in a sewing machine made for stitching and quilting.

We’ve listed here the distinct and best qualities of Brother XL3750 sewing machine:

It is composed of a useful set of eight (8) presser feet:

1. General presser foot

2. Buttonhole foot

3. Buttonhole sewing foot

4. Zipper foot

5. Spring action quilting foot

6. Blind stitch foot

7. Narrow hemmer

8. Walking foot

What is more exciting to know is that the spring action, blind stitch, narrow hemmer and walking foot are all included in the set of ”bonus pack ”. If you plan to place an order for this item on the internet, you need to remember that the bonus pack should be listed before completing your purchase.


It comes with innovative built-in stitches.

Users of this device highly appreciate its innovative stitch functions which speak primarily for its versatility. The 35 decorative built-in stitches it offers coupled with the 73 multifunctional stitching lets you easily switch the form of stitches as to your preference.

Not to mention, the additional width and length for its zigzag stitch that reaches up to 7 mm width and 5 mm length, makes this type of machine just perfect to maximize your creativity in sewing and not limit it.


It offers amazing features and a variety of functions.

The Brother XL3750 mainly consists of every quality you want for a sewing device. Its performance never disappoints as it works effectively for every purpose it is built for. Constructed with a firm foundation, this machine can absolutely handle heavier sewing tasks without a risk of breaking down quickly.

Listed below are its specific functions:

  • Automatic bobbin winding and needle threader
  • Dial controlled upper thread tension
  • 1-step auto-sizing buttonholer
  • Drop-in bobbin loading with see-through bobbin area
  • Snap-in presser feet
  • Free arm sewing
  • Foot pedal control with speed up to 800 stitches per minute
  • Reverse sewing lever
  • Light bulb for workplace illumination
  • Twin needle sewing with variable needle positions (no additional equipment needed)

Further, there is so much convenience when you’re using this machine for projects consisting of heavy type of materials and quilts since it has more than enough space to work on because of its large work area.

You would also be interested to know, that for quilters, it has its own reinforcement function, a reference guide, and an option to control the size of your stitches.



The Pros of Brother XL3750 

Based on the feedback posted by its users, the Brother XL3750 sewing machine is definitely worth to be recommended for sewers who like to do things quickly and without a complicated process. It is pointed out that oftentimes, there would be delays to start a project when it comes to refilling the bobbin but the same is not applicable in this machine. It offers a high level of convenience to its users.

Further, since it is portable and does not make so much noise when you sew, anyone can use it anytime and work on it at their most comfortable station. Its structure guarantees ease and comfort for sewers doing full load of projects for a long period of time. The majority of the positive reviews state that Brother XL3750 has proved to be very effective in helping them complete sewing tasks that are tougher than usual.


The Cons of Brother XL3750

There are only a few disadvantage factors that were mentioned by users of this machine. To be specific, they commonly reported that the speed for stitching was set for users that are in the more advanced level. For those who are starters, they might have a hard time catching up with their stitches as the foot pedal could not have the control of slowing down its speed.


Our Recommendation

We remain confident of the idea that the Brother XL3705 is specifically designed to suit the needs of both beginner and professional sewers and quilters. With its affordable price, we can say that its quality exceeds its cost.