In the same process as accumulating a new set of skills, starting the art of sewing usually occupies a certain amount of time to be an expert. But of course, it wouldn’t take a long time as it does when winning a game in Taekwando. Sewing as an art could be challenging at first, but as you keep practicing and get comfortable with it, you’ll realize how easy it is to do. It really does make a huge difference if you get the perfect sewing machine for someone who is willing to learn how to sew. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine actually offers this.

Designed solely to consider the needs of those who are beginner stage of sewing, Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is a winner in terms of its being user-friendly. It does not only benefit those who are beginner sewers, but those who have skills of advanced and expert sewing can truly make use of its features.

Let’s take a look at unique features and what makes this device worth your purchase.

A Brief Description and District Features of Brother XM2701

One thing amazingly offered by this model from Brother is the 27 built-in stitches which consists of the most basic variety you need for minor sewing tasks. Sewing is even made more enjoyable and easier through the reference guide attached on the machine itself. There’s no need to panic for those who are first-timers since all you need to do is rotate the knob that lets you dial your desired number for stitching.

What is unique about this machine is the backstitching feature, which lets you, as the term suggests, stitch in reverse. It is made possible through a small lever that you could pull if you wish to integrate once you begin and end your seaming.

Every user experiences comfort when using this sewing machine because of its six sewing feet. There is absolutely nothing more to ask for from this device. This is how this model satisfies its users’ needs.

As its most popular characteristics, the inclusion of a drop-in bobbin that fixes any worry of having any thread jammed, the same is also present in this particular device. You can easily finish your projects without being interrupted by the lack of thread. This is a very helpful tool for beginners.

Also, Brother XM2701 possesses a needle threading that works automatically. This one unique feature allows XM2701 to be a step ahead than its model JX2517. A simple touch on its lever allows the needle to be threaded right away.

The LED light functions perfectly when you use it in darker areas and is very beneficial to those with poor eyesight. This is another feature that makes the device ahead in comparison to JX2517.

Likewise, there is such convenience by the free arm option as it lets you do sewing tasks on larger types of materials.

A DVD containing the directions for using the device is included in the box of the product and it takes only a few minutes to put the machine up and have it prepared for sewing.


Strengths of Brother XM2701

  • It is perfect for those who are just learning the basics of sewing but it has a lot of functions. A device that is sure to enhance your sewing skills in the most convenient ways.
  • The needle and the bobbin are threaded automatically which is very time-saving.
  • The buttonhole features allow you to perfectly fit buttons regardless of their size. You won’t feel that there is any restriction.
  • It’s very portable, which makes it the best choice if you decide to get a substitute sewing machine while you have your primary and more durable one.
  • It is valued at a very reasonable price for the type of machine that offers a lot of functions. It is a device that every household should have and use.
  • It is not noisy to use despite of its high portability characteristic.
  • It works best for those who enjoy sewing crafts and decors. Sewers can take advantage of the free arm when they work on minor sewing tasks that need some space.

Limitations of Brother XM2701

  • It does not include an automatic needle up or down position, which requires effort on your part when you need to adjust your needle’s position right before starting to sew.
  • You will have a hard time adjusting the speed of stitching. The speed slider is lacking in this machine and it is a downside as it means that you need to be careful with the speed you are putting into the pedal when you sew.
  • The LED light does not function with enough brightness that will last for hours. It is only effective when you work on a sewing project for a few minutes.
  • The position of the presser foot lever may be a bit awkward since it is situated below the arm. It may not be that comfortable, especially for those who are right-handed sewers.
  • The materials used for the parts of the machine are made of plastic, which makes its durability doubtful.
  • Because of its composition, there is a tendency that the machine cannot handle thicker materials or fabrics.
  • It does not have a case or cover as protection. This is an additional burden to its users as it requires them to purchase the case or cover separately so the machine itself does not wear off easily.


The Evaluation

This model from Brother is absolutely made for young sewers or those who aren’t that experienced yet as it has all the basic features you would ever need. You may need to manage your expectations though, based on the price it is set. For those more experienced with sewing, the Brother XM2701 would be an excellent choice for a secondary sewing machine. It could be a very useful tool for those addicted to doing their own crafts or decors, so if you do have friends or loved ones who are into craft-making, this is the perfect gift for them.