A fresh face in the market, Brother XR3774 has just been recently introduced in September 2014.

It is perfect for those who are in their first endeavors to learn the basics of sewing. Since it is a machine basically built for beginner sewers’ needs, the cost it works with is something to be cautioned about.

Initially, when it recently occupied a space in the market, the cost of this model was incredibly unacceptable; it was just unreasonable. Many have thought that it was not a practical purchase since you can get a sewing machine with the same features but at a cheaper cost.

But the manufacturers decided to adjust its price considerably and now, with the functions it offers, this model is something worth having after all.

To know more about it, take a look at its features:

  • Comes with a variety of 37 built-in stitches
  • Has a needle threader that works automatically
  • Consists of a drop-in bobbin

Review on Brother XR3774:

No doubt, this specific sewing device is structured for the purpose of serving the basic needs of beginner sewers. The 37 built-in stitch variations it consists of, plus the 1-step buttonhole which efficiently works the task, this machine has all the convenience one needs to start with a new hobby for sewing. By simply rotating the dial of the stitch selection, it easily adjusts as to your desired type of stitch. Beginner users don’t need to have any trouble inserting the thread into its needle since the device comes with an automatic needle threader. With the same level of ease, the drop-in bobbin is a very helpful tool for starters. The stitch reaches up to 5mm in width and 4mm in length. Undeniably, its foot works best for quilting with unrestricted movement.

To add, Brother XR3774 can be easily transported from one place to another due to its weight of only 12.3 pounds. It has a light bright enough to make it possible for you to work in dark places. It is very impressive to learn that its motor can accommodate up to a speed of 800 stitches per minute, a feature that is very rare for a beginner type of sewing machines. One can have a spacious area for working as it comes with an extended table. You will never be disappointed with the accessories and tools that come with the machine.


Although it is considered a sewing machine suitable for those who are just beginner users, you can never underestimate the functions of this model from Brother. It brings your creative talent to a higher level. In other words, one can fully maximize the functions of this machine to produce their desired output. There is no stress at all when putting the machine up, the instructional material is deemed to be enough reference for you. Without known issues of having bad stitches, this device maintains its high-quality reputation with its stitches. Not to mention, the excellent tension, transferring from one fabric to another, is just so easy.

There is nothing to complain about the noise this machine makes; it is even much quieter than similar ones within its value. The best characteristic that lets this device stand out from the rest is its foot pedal. You are not left with any discomfort when pedaling through this sewing machine. Your movements are now more in accordance with your own control and speed. The LED bulb has enough brightness that is not too harsh on your eyes when you sew at night.


  • Very portable because it is not heavy
  • Offers a lot of unique features
  • Gives users a feeling of control and comfort as it has the right tension
  • Very easy to use


  • Need to be cautious about its price


Is it a wise decision to purchase Brother XR3774?

While this model from Brother is considered to be a recent addition to their products, it is quite noticeable that Brother has not really proven to push through its innovation a little harder. The features offered by Brother XR3774 are still the usual found in other machines. However, they have continued to maintain their level of excellence when it comes to the quality of their stitches. The sole issue would have to be the cost of the machine itself. It can be compared to sewing machines used by more experienced users, like Brother CS6000i, for instance.

But as its cost reduced to a more reasonable one, though without certainty as to its duration, this model from Brother is a wise purchase to make only if the price is reasonable when compared to CS6000i, which obviously offers more developed features and functions. If the price is something you have an important factor when making a purchase, this sewing machine is definitely not favorable to you.