Whether you’re just learning how to sew or are an experienced seamstress, the Janome 2212 is a budget-friendly sewing machine which is ideal for people of all skill levels. This versatile machine is more than just a compromise between price and features, but rather a versatile piece of equipment with all the features you need to make your own clothing. Whether you want to sew new buttonholes to your shirt, attach a zipper to a dress, make a quilt, or hem a pair of pants, the Janome 2212 allows you a versatility and quality of stitching which is unheard of in similarly priced sewing machines.


The Janome 2212 comes with 12 built-in stitches (including straight, buttonhole, decorative, and zigzag) which you can select by just turning a knob which includes a handy four-step buttonhole option. Both the width and length of the stitch can be increased or decreased with a simple turn to the Length and Selector knobs, which makes for simple transitions between stitches whenever you are customizing your clothes.

It also uses a drop feed for free motion sewing and has a wide table area which makes it very handy for quilting, making embroideries and all kinds of designs and patterns over your clothes. The backstitch lever also allows you to stitch in reverse, so you can comfortably switch between both directions whenever you need to backstitch a piece of clothing.

The actual sewing process is really simple thanks to the front-loading bobbin and the push/pull winder which makes threading and sewing much easier on the user. The presser feet is simple to install and just falls into place when you’re working. The Janome 2212 can make up to 860 stitches per minute, which is an excellent help when it comes to finishing your job earlier, but it does require you to use the right amount of tension or otherwise you can break the needles at higher speeds or get them stuck in thick fabrics if you’re using lower speeds.


But even though it’s priced at less than $150 on Amazon, price isn’t the only thing small about the Janome 2212. In fact, this machine is so small and compact that you don’t need to clear a space to use it. You can simply set it up in a corner of your living room’s table, or any other surface, and start sewing right away.

The small size also makes it ideal for traveling, since it doesn’t have the same weight and bulkiness that other sewing machines have. The two retractable vertical spool pins also guarantee that you can safely move your sewing machine without risking breaking the spool pins.

For ease of transport, the Janome 2212 also comes with an optional soft cover that allows you to protect the machine from getting scratched, losing parts, or suffering any other type of damage while you’re moving it. The retractable carrying handle is especially handy for transporting it through short distances, as when you move it to one room in your house or when you’re going to store it again.