First things first. Please do not confuse an electronic machine from a computerized one. Electronic machines are also operated with a touch of a button and most also have LED displays. However, they do not have a processing unit and half of its operation is still mechanical. That being said, some sewists might prefer electronic/ mechanical machines over computerized ones because the materials used are more sturdy, there is no risk of software malfunctions and they are less complex. The Janome DC4030 Electronic Sewing Machine is a prime example of a reliable electronic machine. Continue reading the Janome DC4030 Review and judge for your self.


Janome DC4030 Review: Overview


The Janome DC4030P is a “cute” machine. It is on the feminine side aesthetic wise. White and pink is its primary color scheme and it is compact too. One thing about electronic machines is they tend to make more noise than computerized one, but not this one. It runs quietly as opposed to other the same sized machine. Also, do not let the petite size and girly color fool you because you’ll be surprised at how powerful this machine is. It can sew through multiple layers of fabrics and its superior feed system doesn’t cave on heavy materials.

The only aspect that concerns me a bit is the plastic parts that don’t appear to be sturdy. I’m talking about the clear plastic bobbins and the clear bobbin case window/ cover. Users would just need to set a point of awareness to be extra careful when handling these parts. Other than this, the machine itself is mostly made of metal so it is pretty sturdy.


Janome DC4030 Review: Features


Feature-wise, the DC4030P is a beginner’s machine. Best for those who are just learning to sew or those experienced sewists who are sewing projects of choice doesn’t really require a hundred and one different stitches.

The Janome DC4030P runs on a top-loading full rotary hook bobbin system. A full rotary hook runs quieter (as I mentioned earlier) and requires less lubrication. The drop-in top-loading bobbin assembly has a clear window which allows you to see how much thread you have left on your bobbin. This machine has 30 direct select built-in stitches. This includes 6 one-step buttonholes. A backlit LED screen shows you the numeral code for the stitch the machine is currently set on, as well as the stitch width and length selected. The stitch adjustment has a maximum of 7mm and the maximum length is 5mm. This machine can sew as fast as 850 stitches per minute, but if you are just starting to learn how to sew and not yet comfortable at this speed, you can slow it down using the speed adjustment slide controller.


Other features and functions are as follows:


✓A 7-piece feed dog that again is powerful enough to work on heavy materials and it doesn’t choke on fabric

✓Auto declutch bobbin winder & One-hand needle threader

✓Auto-tension system – an automatic thread tension system can be both advantageous or disadvantageous. It really depends on how experienced the user is. Auto-tension setting is probably best for novice sewists.

✓With Drop feed, Extra high presser foot lift, Snap-on presser feet, Memorized needle up/down and Foot pressure adjustment functions

✓Start/stop, locking stitch and easy reverse button. Pre-set stitches can be elongated up to 5x without losing its original density.


Janome DC4030 Review: Out of the Box


The DC4030 comes with an assortment of the handiest accessories for beginner level sewing projects. Here is a list of what you are getting along with machine:


Janome DC4030 review


Janome DC4030 Review: Basic Operation