When I first saw the Janome MB-4S Four Needle Computerized Embroidery machine, my first thought was “probably good enough for commercial use”… It peaked my interest so I tried to find out more about it. Now, let me share with you what I found in this short Janome MB-4S Review article.


So, was it really a commercial use embroidery machine? In my opinion, the Janome MB-4S is somewhere in the middle. I mean, it is definitely more efficient as opposed to single thread embroidery machines and/or 2 in 1 sewing + embroidery machines because it can work 4 times faster due to it 4-thread function. However, it is also not as heavy duty or as bulky for that matter as other multi-thread embroidery machines.


First, let’s talk about features. How is it, compared to other multi-needle embroidery machines? I’ve already mentioned that the Janome MB-4S is 4-threaded, while other machine like the Brother PRO 1000E has 10 and both the Bernina E16 and Melco Bravo features 16 needle capability. Are you already getting the idea of what I mean? Aside from the number of needles it runs, there’s also the maximum embroidery size/ field. The Janome MB-4S has an embroidery clearance of 240mm x 200mm ( that is roughly 9.4″x7.9″) which is conservatively smaller as opposed to the other machines mentioned. As for speed, our featured machine can run at a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute (per needle) so again, four times faster than smaller single needle/ thread embroidery machines.


The Janome MB-4S is also smaller than most multi-thread embroidery machines so it is ideal if you are planning to get it for home use or if you have a limited sewing space. Aside from the feature differences as I stated above, there’s not much issue about performance. It can work as well as other waaaaaay more expensive multi-thread embroidery machines.


A downside is it can be prone to thread breakage when using an ordinary/ cheap thread. Actually, when you think about it, this isn’t really a downside. I mean a good quality thread is also an investment in a way. So scratch that.


Now, for the burning question since we started, will it work for you? Unfortunately, you are the only one who can answer that because it will really depend on the user’s demand if a machine will be good enough or not.


You can check out the basic overview video below to help you decide.


Janome MB-4S Review: Function & Feature Overview

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