Juki HZL-K85 is another computer controlled household sewing machine from Juki. This one is (arguably) in the mid-class section among their line of products. A bit more sophisticated than other models like the HZL-70HW for example. Yet cannot be said to be a very high end or advanced user worthy. Let’s take a closer look at the Juki HZL-K85 review to find out how accurate my initial assessment is.


Juki HZL-K85 review: Features


It has good aesthetic and size is just right for comfortable sewing. It is 415mm wide, 300mm high and a body thickness of 190mm. The machine weighs 7.1 kg. and comes with a hard shell.


You’ll find most of the features and functions you expect from a computerized sewing machine in the HZL-k85. It has a built-in threader and an LED light for a shadow-less work area. It has a thread tension and presser feet pressure adjustments. The machine can be operated by either a plug-in foot control pedal or the start/ stop button. A push button also controls the needle up and down movement and the lock stitch function. The lock stitch on this machine comes in two types. You can either opt for a reverse stitch or reinforcement stitch.


It has 150 built-in stitches/ pattern. 12 of them are basic, 30 decorative and the remaining 100 stitches are combination of letters, numbers and symbols. The needle position can be changed to 15 different starting points to ensure that varying stitches can be sewn distinctly. It has 8 different buttonhole auto sewing functions to match different button sizes. The presser foot can be easily adjusted with a single push of a button to accommodate thick fabric sewing. The pace of sewing can also be adjusted into low, mid and high speed. It can sew a maximum of 750 stitch per minute.


Interface is user friendly and doesn’t require a long learning curve. I also like the user manual that comes with the sewing unit as it gives not only machine operating instructions but also detailed “how to” obtain the perfect type of stitch.


Juki HZL-K85 review: Areas for Improvement


Unfortunately, this one still missed one common (although not highly necessary) function which is the auto thread trimmer. Many have also experienced set back due to a defective bobbin assembly. The bobbin spool moves around due to the vibration when sewing and has the tendency to get out of its right spot. Users have even experienced getting locked due to tangled threads. Another area for improvement is the noise its making. Its too loud specially when at the highest speed settings. Part of whats causing the noise is the unit’s vibration itself when it couldn’t completely handle the power of the motor.


Juki HZL-K85 review: Overview