For $500, Juki packs just about everything you need for your sewing into this compact package. Whether you are just beginning your sewing journey or you are a more seasoned professional, you will find almost everything you need in this package. Read on and find out more on this Juki MO654DE review article.

Don’t let the price fool you. The ‘I Want It All’ package does not compromise on quality. You will not find substandard needles or thread. Everything included is high quality and designed to provide the best sewing experience. The main component, the Juki MO-654DE Serger, is made to handle the toughest of projects and last through years of sewing.


Juki MO654DE Review: What is in the Package?


Here are all the goodies you will find inside the box.


1. A sewing machine

At first glance, the Juki MO-654DE Serger looks all complicated and menacing with its colored thread guides and dials. But with the instructional manual, you should be well on your way to sewing your first piece. The dials are used for thread tension adjustment, stitch length adjustment and differential feed adjustment. A heavy duty knife system allows you to quickly and accurately cut your fabrics. For perfect precision when sewing seams, a sewing gauge is built into the machine.

The Juki MO-654DE Serger is perfect even for a professional. It is made to provide creative flexibility and remain in top shape through dozens of projects.


2. 8 Presser feet

The main foot is multi-functional. This means you can use it to create overlock stitches or add sequins, tape or elastic ribbon to your piece. If you need to change to change to any of the other presser foots, it is easy and quick work thanks to a simple snap-on installation. You do not have to waste precious seconds fumbling with screws and tools to change from one foot to another.


3. 8 thread cones and 50 needles

Keep your most important threads organized using the eight thread cones included in the package. You also don’t have to worry about buying needles any time soon. The 50 that are included will serve you for quite some time.

Note that high-quality MaxiLock thread is also available in the package. There are 8 spools in total: 4 in white and cream and 4 in black. When the threads run out, replace them with equally high-quality ones to ensure the best sewing experience.


4. Serger tote

This is one of the best components of the ‘I Want It All’ package. Everything fits nicely into the bag, allowing you to carry the machine and necessary accessories with you when traveling.


5. Electronic workbook and instructional DVD

Juki ensures that you are not left alone, trying to figure out how to operate the sewing machine and get your first project started. The instructional DVD shows you around the various features and components while the electronic workbook acts as a sewing guide.


Juki MO654DE Review: Conclusion


For those who are torn about finding the perfect sewing machine they should buy, the ‘I Want It All’ package is an easy recommendation. Learning how to use it well will take some time but it’s all worth it. The flexibility in options and variety of designs is simply amazing.