This is as basic as they come. The simplicity of this machine is probably why it was named as it was. Tradition. Remember your grandma’s cast iron sewing machine attached to the table that also holds the cast iron foot pedal? That, my friend, is tradition and this Singer right here is the closest portable you can get. In the Singer 2259 review, we will talk about this simple basic features.


Singer 2259 Review: Overview


This is a part electronic, part mechanical machine. No start/ stop button so you ‘d really have to step on it. Haha get it? Anyway, this machine is foolproof so you can never go wrong with it. I think the popularity of this machine is due to its ease of use and price. The Singer 2259 is the perfect machine for a home maintenance. If you need a really simple one for mending clothes, sewing simple curtains or table mantles then this is the perfect machine for you.


Singer 2259 Review: Features


Here’s what it does and have:


✓ It has 19 built-in stitches. 6 essential/ practical stitches, 4 stretch stitches, 8 decorative and 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole.

✓ Simple stitch selection. Nope, not push buttons but dial. Yes, the old school dial selection which I personally love. I’m not sure why, or if other people would even take a split of second to think about it, but I enjoy turning knobs than pushing buttons.

✓ The internal frame is made of heavy-duty metal so don’t even for a second think that this baby is flimsy or won’t stand frequent use.

✓ Stitch length can also be modified on this machine with another dial. Yey, another dial!

✓ Free-arm with a slide-on accessories storage. Completely normie but don’t tell me it’s not necessary. We both know it is.

✓ It does automatic bobbin winding and extra high presser foot lifting. The Singer 2259 has a four-segment dog feed system. It can also be set on multiple needle positions. Thread tension can be adjusted but the foot pressure is on automatic.


Singer 2259 Review: Getting Started