Singer has 4 models carrying the SIMPLE™ tagline. On our previous reviews, we already had the chance to talk about one of them, the Singer 2263. Today it’s the Singer 3232’s time for the hot seat as we take a closer look at how it compares to other models and perform in general in this Singer 3232 review.


Product Details


Specifications– Just like the rest of the Singer SIMPLE™ models, the 3232 is compact and not that obtrusive. It is 15″ x 7.5″ x 12″ big and weighs 12.25 lbs. Easy enough to carry around, bring to classes and move from one area to another. Do not assume though that the reason for the light weight is due to all-light materials. The interior frame of this machine is made of a sturdy metal material.


Features– The Singer 3232 have most of the basic necessary features of an efficient sewing machine. Though not as advanced as others, it does serves its purpose and then some.

Let’s talk about the stitches first, this particular model has 32 built-in stitches which is considerably more than it’s cousins which only have either 23 or 21. The stitches included are 6 basic, 6 stretch, 19 decoratives, and 1 buttonhole. The buttonhole function is the easy 1-step type which is a lot more convenient for users as opposed to the almost manual 4-step buttonhole. Both length and width can be adjusted to apply the most suitable setting depending on the fabric and stitch type you are using. Selecting the stitch is as easy as turning your washing machine timer with the simple stitch selection dial.

The machine speed is sufficient for beginners to intermediate skilled users. It can sew as fast as 750 stitches per minute. Though slower than other high-end or industrial grade machines, it is just right for household use.

It has an extra high presser feet lifting capacity for wider fabric clearance. The free-arm function that can be initiated by detaching the accessories box gives easier access when sewing cuffs, collars, pant hems and other hard to access areas.

An automatic reverse button is conveniently placed to be easily accessible. It allows you to sew in reverse and reinforce your stitching.


What’s in the box?

It comes with everything you need to run it and get you started on a project. Upon unboxing you will find the instruction booklet, a quick user guide so you have a cheat sheet on getting started, a foot pedal and a power cord. In the accessories box, you will see a bag of included accessories. There should be 4 kinds of presser feet, one for general purpose, one for sewing zippers, one for creating buttonholes and one for sewing on buttons. A seam ripper, quilting guide, extra needles and bobbins along with a spool pin, screwdriver and darning plate is also included.


Customer’s Feedback – A Singer 3232 Review


Based on what the users have to say, we have identified the areas of concern when it comes to the overall performance of this machine. Here are what stood out because they are the most frequently experienced:

This machine is getting a lot of positive rating from users on various seller’s sites. Most of the ratings are accompanied by a short comment saying that this machine is great for beginners, they like the portability factor and ease of use. Apart from those, there is no more elaboration of their user experience.

On the flip side, (I think this is mostly the case), users who gave a negative rating did express what disappointed them. Among other complaints, the complexity of threading the needle or the automatic needle threader not working is what emerged on top of the list. When you think about it though, while there are a lot of people with the same experience, there is number of users who said that setting up this machine is quite easy. Hence, there is a possibility that some of the “not working threader” may be due to incorrect usage. I don’t believe it is in the manual but it is important that the needle is raised to the max lifting capacity for the needle threader to work. You can keep this in mind in case you decided to give the Singer 3232 a try.

Another concern for this machine is the vertical bobbin system, most critical comments with a bobbin issue stated that the bobbin has the tendency to jump out of place causing thread nesting, jamming and missed under stitches.


Product Demonstration

To end the Singer 3232 review, here are a couple of videos that I hope can help you see for yourself how the Singer 3232 works. This is the next best thing you can do short of buying the machine, to see it in action.