With so many Singer models, one can’t be blamed if she mistakes one for the other. Now, some of these models have the same name with different model numbers, some have models numbers that only vary by a single digit. A good example is the Singer TALENTâ„¢. Singer has the 3323 and the 3323S Talent (this is on top of the Talent 3321, IKR!). Anyway, one reason for this is when Singer uses the same mold, meaning the same look but usually a different color, then adds a feature or two. Or, in some cases that I’ve noticed (though this isn’t publicly admitted), they do this name game when an engineering issue has been identified and they correct it on the next production batch. This case is different though, how so? Find out here in the Singer 3323S Review.


Singer 3323S Review about Product Details



With a total unit dimension of 15″ x 7.5″ x 12″ and a 16.45 lbs. packed weight, this machine can either be stationary or portable. It is not too big nor too small. Not too obtrusive nor too inconveniently tiny. The exterior is made of plastic but the internal frame is made of heavy-duty metal. Simple color schemes are used, white base with a very subtle pale green and blue graphics.



  • 23 built-in stitch pattern for different usage like basic, stretch and decorative.
  • An automatic 1-step buttonhole is also included among the stitches available.
  • Stitch length and width are both adjustable. They can be modified by turning the smaller dial on top of the stitch selector.
  • Automatic needle threader feature
  • Uses top-loading (drop-in) bobbin system
  • Easy presser feet replacement. Presser feet will be released with one push of a button and can be attached by snapping it on the shank. This also comes with extra high lifting capability for wider clearance.
  • Automatic reverse stitch function to lock and/ or reinforce stitches
  • Free arm capability, just remove the accessories box.
  • With twin needle capability for mock coverstitch or decor stitch
  • Variable needle positions to match what the stitch calls for.
  • Adaptive presser foot pressure, no manual adjustment needed (nor capability)


What’s in the box?

Ok, this is it. I know it’s kind of anticlimactic but here is where we reveal what differs the 3323S from the 3323. It’s the additional attachments that come with the machine.

While both have instruction manuals, quick start guide, foot pedal, power cord and dust cover included, as well as the general use, zipper, buttonhole, and button sew-on foot. (and you know the rest: needles, bobbins, etc). The 3323S comes with additional or bonus fashion accessories which are the darning/ embroidery foot, walking foot, gathering foot and side cutter. Yep, that’s it. That’s what the “S” is for.


Customer’s Feedback

I’ve seen/ heard quite a number of users who had this machine for a couple of years or more and they are still working fine. Though they are admittedly not “heavy” sewists, still, for the price of this machine, having it still in a good working condition after 2 years isn’t bad at all.

Aside from it being sturdy to last a few years, the top loading bobbin on this machine is giving users a more pleasant experience than other portable machines from Singer with a front-loading bobbin system. Ease of use is another advantage too.

There is also some critical feedback about the low lights and weak feed dog but those weren’t really advertised as one of the key features of this machine. I mean, I know that they are important and better-working ones are much preferred but then again, we usually get what we pay for. In this case, price to feature ratio is fair enough.


Product Demonstration

To end this Singer 3323S review, here’s a couple of videos for you to have a visual of how this machine performs and operates. If you still can’t take a pick, you can check out our advice on how to find the perfect sewing machine for you. Thanks for reading and happy sewing machine hunting!