The same yet different. That’s what I first thought when I saw this machine. It didn’t take me long to identify what made me think that. It’s the shape. The difference is very small when you think about it but somehow it added more personality to it. Let’s see if this machine offers more than meets the eye in the Singer 3333 review.


Same But Different – A Singer 3333 Review



The unit is 16″ x 7.4″ x 13″, it’s actually bigger than how it looks at a short glance. Weighs 16.31 lbs when packed so quite light enough to take with you.

I am going to pay special attention to the aesthetic characteristics of this machine. Not everyone will agree with me but I personally like this shape better (not more than the vintage shape though) than a typical squarish modern sewing machine.

The curve on the accessories box and the platform, made to look like a separate base are small yet quite impacting details. On top of those are subtle pink prints (I think they’re supposed to be flower petals). The overall effect is nice, a bit feminine and playful.



When it comes to functionality, the Singer 3333 isn’t the Singer Futura XL, not even close. Don’t get me wrong though, what I’m only trying to emphasize is the fact that this is more of a basic machine. With limited yet necessary functional features.


These features are:

  • 23 built-in stitches including an assortment of basic, stretch and decorative
  • Top-loading (drop-in) bobbin system which more users find convenient as opposed to front-loading types
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • 4-step buttonhole. Requires a bit more effort as opposed to 1-step buttonhole but better than having to do it manually.
  • STAYBRIGHT™LED Light for a well-lit sewing area.
  • Bonus: Access to the Singer Sewing Assistant App and a free Online Owner’s Class


What’s in the box?

Everything you need to get started with general purpose, zipper, and buttonhole feet. Spare needles and bobbins, spool pins and caps, screwdriver, and seam reaper.

Of course, you are also getting an instruction manual, foot pedal and power cord along with a fabric dust cover.


Customer’s Feedback – A Singer 3333 Review


There is quite a few negative feedback about this product. Mostly the quality is criticized because the machine works fine the first few times then starts to act up after a while. There isn’t a specific issue that stood out. I personally think that this is a sporadic case of factory defects. If anything, Singer would probably have to implement stricter quality guidelines during production.


Product Demonstration

To allow you to have a visual of how the machine performs and operate, here is a video as my Singer 3333 review finale. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the perfect sewing machine for you.