Have you ever been through a maze? If you haven’t then let me tell you that going through a maze is not so different as threading a sewing machine. Go straight, go around then forward. Proceed downward then make a U-turn and start ascending and so on before you reach the exit erhmmm needle. Well, mazes can be fun but NOT on a sewing machine. With the Singer 8763, this will be one less thing to worry about. Interested? Find out more in the Singer 8763 review.


Say Goodbye To The Needle Threading Maze – A Singer 7863 Review

Specification and Features

The actual unit weighs only 17 pounds and is 17.5 x 8 x 12.5 inches big. It can fit into the Singer 611 Universal Sewing Machine Hard Carrying Case. Ergo a portable machine. White and pink is the color scheme assigned to this model. Unlike what the name implies, the shape of this machine isn’t curvy at all. Like most compact Singer models, this one is box-type. Simple and straightforward…

As I mentioned earlier, one of the features the Singer 8673 boasts of is the exclusive Singer Swift Smart threading system. This system eliminates the need to go forward, around, back and up anymore. Saves you a lot of time and effort. Another exclusive feature of the Singer 8763 Machine is the Drop & Sew Bobbin System which eliminates the need to manually raise the bobbin thread through a small hole. Instead, just put the bobbin in place (be mindful of the right orientation), and it will be automatically picked up when you start sewing.

Other features of this machine are the following:

• 3 StayBright LED Lights which ensure shadowless sewing. No straining your eyes since LED lights are bright but don’t emit heat.

• Push-Button Stitch Selector will allow you to select your desired stitch to use.

• Length and width of the stitch can be adjusted as well. You can do this using the slider right below the stitch illustrations and push-button selectors. Maximum stitch width is 7mm which is significantly wider than most.

• This machine has 30 built-in stitch patterns including 2 types of 1-step automatic buttonholes and stretches stitches. On top of that, the Singer 8763 has a center zigzag taper function.

• With stitch locking and automatic reverse function that you can initiate with a single touch of a button.

• Not unless you are sewists by profession and expecting to sew a lot of hems that needs cover stitching, (then you need a cover stitch machine or a serger with cover stitch capability) this machine will suffice as it has twin needle sewing capability. This also allows for 13 variable needle positions.

• Maximum sewing speed is 750 stitch per minute. There is no speed control slider or dial. You would need to control the speed via how much pressure you put on the foot pedal. Don’t worry though, it is just like driving.

• Top Loading Jam-Proof Bobbin System with Clear Cover promises NO more interruption due to nesting.

• The powerful 6-segment feeding system with box feed motion is designed to accommodate even heavy gauge fabric even with minimum or no support from the user.

More features:

Aluminum frame for lighter and yet still sturdy machine
Snap-on presser feet for presser feet replacement in a snap (see what I did there?)
Free arm function
Strategically placed thread cutter
Accessories box (Onboard storage)


Performance Review

Though the features of this machine seem to be never-ending, it is now time to know more about this machine’s actual performance. In order to this, let’s hear from sewists who had the chance to use this and not just do a test drive.


This time, Singer lived up to what they advertised. A lot of Singer 8763 review is saying that it is easy to thread. Aside from that, the interface is pretty easy to navigate. No complexity whatsoever. That being said, this is an ideal machine for both beginners and older sewists who are used to using treadle machines.
It is also very powerful and can sew through thick or multiple layers of fabrics. The tension has an indicator that says “auto” and keeping the machine tuned to this setting works perfectly for several users. Very rarely does it need to be adjusted.


On the flip side, there were several users also who didn’t get the chance to even give the Singer 8763 because of DOA (Dead on arrival) claims. I’ve said this before on another Singer model, (do not think though that this is a frequent issue, so far this model is only 2nd among more or less a hundred Singer Sewing Machines), but I think the issue is quality control during mass production that results in defective machines and not with the design/ engineering).

Overall, out of all the verified purchasers of this machine, a bigger fraction is happy and satisfied based on their Singer 8763 review.

More of Singer 8763

To seal the Singer 8763 review, here is a product overview/ introductory video for you to get a “feel” of this baby. Lastly, I hope you have fun shopping for the perfect sewing machine for you.