The Singer 90S is another special edition machine. Personally, I still like the Singer 160 Special Edition better when it comes to the looks and color scheme. But we all know that choosing the perfect sewing machine is way beyond just looking at the exterior quality. Hence, we are taking a closer look at the Singer 90S Review.


Singer 90S Review: General Specifications


Just like the 160, this model is inspired and shaped like a traditional Singer treadle machine. It has a different and more modern color scheme though, a combination of chrome and black. It’s pretty too, I just like black better. With a dimension of 20.5″ x 9.5″ x 13″, the 90S is a bit smaller than the other special edition. It is also lighter, weighing only 24.2 lbs. The heavy-duty metal frame promises durability so don’t let the plastic exterior and lightweight cloud your judgment.


Singer 90S Review: Features & Functions


• This machine possesses the Singer exclusive SwiftSmart Threading with Automatic Needle Threader feature that facilitates quick and easy threading.

• Primary functions like start/ stop sewing, reverse/ reinforce stitch, tie-off, and needle up/ down can be utilized with a touch of a button. Needle up/ down position is also programmable to match your preference.

• The Singer 90S features 231 built-in stitches including 7 one-step buttonhole and block alphabet and numerals for monograms. The stitch width and length are automatically set to what fits the particular stitch best but can still be overridden and manually adjusted if the user prefers. Decorative stitch elongation and mirroring function are also among the many features of this machine.

• Presser feet can be replaced in a snap and can be raised at a higher notch to accommodate multiple fabric layers. This even has a twin needle mode to mimic a coverstitch.

• Stitch selection and customization are done on the control panel with a couple of knobs and buttons. An LCD screen shows you the current setting you are in and the memory function allows you to save personalized stitch settings.

• The drop feed and free arm function allow free motion sewing without any hindrance.


Whats in the box?

Since this model is special, not only does it come with the standard accessory package, it is also backed by a bonus accessory set that you’d usually have to buy separately. See the full list here.


Singer 90S Review: Known Issues


The primary concern for this machine is the made in general. Though it boasts of a sturdy metal frame/ interior, a lot of exterior parts are apparently made of flimsy plastic materials and wouldn’t stand to even moderate use. Aside from this, errors keep popping up even if it shouldn’t. In short, there is also a case of software or maybe sensor malfunction. Sadly, this is not the quality we are expecting from Singer. I wish that I could say that the issue has been corrected on successive production but since this is a limited edition, I doubt if they even have that. In conclusion, you should only get this machine if you are an infrequent user and would love a sewing machine for show or so to speak.


Singer 90S Review: Product Introduction