One of the firsts Singer truly computerized sewing machine (most are electronic machines that dealers advertise as computerized), this doesn’t seem to be a very popular model. However, the majority of those who purchased are satisfied and they outweigh the handful who are not happy with this machine. Find out more on this Singer 9100 Review article.


Singer 9100 Review: General Specifications


The Singer PROFESSIONAL™ 9100 is a compact/ portable type household sewing machine. It measures 18.3″ x 14.3″ x 10.8″ and weighs 18.95 lbs. It has an attached top handle for carrying around and comes with a hard shell cover. The power button on the right side of the machine turns on the machine, the lighting and the LCD backlight all at the same time.


Singer 9100 Review: Features & Functions


• The Singer 9100 is capable of more than 400 stitches and 2 types of fonts for monograms. All types of stitches have pre-set width and length depending on what suits them best. However, users have the option to manually adjust the width and length if they have other preference than the pre-sets.

• This machine features a speed control slider, a start/ stop button, programmable needle/ up down button, reverse or reinforcement stitch button and tie-off button to secure the stitch when you’re done.

• A bobbin winding and needle threading thread path are also clearly printed on the machine. The needle can be threaded manually or using the built-in needle threader. There are also manual thread cutters placed in strategic locations (where you’ll need it the most).

• The control panel consists of an LCD screen with backlighting. A dotted light indicator on the right side to show you the selection “mode” you are in. Below the screen are buttons for direct stitch selection (available for the utility stitches), width and length adjustment, reset to default and add to memory. You can select the stitch you want to use from the stitch matrix pull-out cards at the bottom of the machine.

• Thread tension can be adjusted using a dial on top of the machine, while feed dog can be lowered and lifted using a lever at its side. You can easily replace presser feet with its snap-on function and one-push release button. A powerful feed dog works well together with the presser feet’s automatic pressure setting.


Whats in the box?

Aside from the standard accessories like the needle, bobbin, seam reaper, spool cap and pin that it comes with, the Singer 9100 also comes with an extra wide extension table and hardshell cover.


Singer 9100 Review: Known Issues


From observation, this machine seems not to be selling as well as some other Singer models but the majority of those who bought it have a good experience. There is a handful that finds the machine faulty but the cases seem to be isolated like the one about the bobbin wouldn’t stay in place and the machine breaking down after very few uses. The only couple of complaints that seem to reoccur is first, the poor outcome of the lettering stitches, which is disappointing as this is one of the product’s selling point. Second is the user manual not providing all the details and explanation that a user needs.


Singer 9100 Review: Product Introduction