So I mentioned on my Singer 4432 sewing machine review that Singer have so far 6 heavy duty sewing machines and it was the last one. Apparently, I was wrong and I stand corrected. Here is another one, and it looks a lot more modern than the rest. Stick with through this comprehensive Singer CG590 Review.


Industrial Grade At A Household Price: A Singer CG590 Review

General Specifications & Features

16 x 7 x 12.5 inches big and weighs 19.2 lbs when packed. This is the general specs of the Singer CG-590. However, this is quite different looking than most singer heavy duty machines. The color scheme is a combination of silver and dark gray. Just the look of it already portrays durability.

Let’s take a look at what features this machine boasts of before we proceed with knowing what the users/ machine owners have to say about this baby.

Key Sewing Machine Features

– Commercial grade motor, the motor installed in this mean machine is 60% powerful than motors on standard household sewing machines.
– 1100 stitches per minute, this is sewing Vin Diesel style. You know, Fast and the Furious eh?
– Built-in automatic needle threader. Though its not the swift threading technology that other Singer models like the 8763 have, it’s still a time saver.
– 18 built-in stitches. Though it seems pretty limited especially when you’re used to 200+ stitches sewing machine but it does all the function that a typical sewing project would need.
– One 4-step buttonhole. This is far from the convenience of having a 1-step buttonhole function but still better than having to do everything manually.
– Thread tension dial. Allows you to easily change the thread tension to suit the stitch and fabric you are using.
– Stitch length dial. Adjust the length of your stitch to a maximum of 6mm long.
– Stitch balance lever. This isn’t available on most machines mind you. The function allows you to make adjustments to ensure that the upper thread and the bobbin thread meet in the right place i.e. right between the two layer of fabrics you are sewing together.
– Reverse stitching lever. Set your sewing motion into reverse with a flick of a switch.
– Electronic foot controller. Easier to maneuver as opposed to the mechanical foot pedal.
– Snap-on presser feet.
– Carrying handle. Don’t be surprised. This machine isn’t as big as how it looks on images.
– Thread Cutter. Strategically placed where you need it most. No more worries of misplaced scissors.
– Presser foot lifter. Of course, you are planning to sew thick or multiple layers of fabric hence you are looking into commercial grade machines. This feature allows you to do just that.
– Top loading, Jam-proof bobbin system
– Stainless steel bed plate which is more sturdy and lowers the risk of eating fabrics or loose threads
– 3 varying needle positions, could be set to right, middle or left
– Free arm and drop feed function

Consumer’s Feedback

Here are some user experiences you should know about before you decide if the Singer CG-590 is the perfect sewing machine for you.

One user who sew as a profession gave this machine a try and was unfortunately disappointed. She stated that the quality of work produced by this machine is embarrassing. It has poor lighting and flimsy plastic pedal.

Though there was another user who is happy with how fast the machine is, it gets her work done in a fraction of time compared to her regular household sewing machine.