Golden. That is one way to describe the Singer S18 Studio™.Industrial Grade Sewing Machine. This is both literally and figuratively. Find out how so in this Singer S18 review article.


Singer S18 Review: General Specifications


Not the biggest among sewing machines but still a full sized one at 20″ x 9″ x 14″ dimension. The unit itself weighs 26 lbs. The exterior design speaks of elegance sophistication with its minimal gold accent. The interior frame is made of heavy-duty metal.


Singer S18 Review: Features & Functions


If the exterior speaks of elegance, the functionality is a whole different story. This baby is like a genie ready to grant your every wish.

• Do you need a fast machine? The S18 can sew as fast as 1600 stitch per hour, that is a lot faster even than heavy duty commercial sewing machines.

• Want all the stitches you’ll ever need? This machine can give you 400+ built-in stitches to choose from. The stitch list includes 10 practical stitches, 80 quilting, 60 utility and 258 alphanumeric stitches available in varying length and width. You can reference the quick reference board for the stitch codes.

• Need to personalize your projects? The alphabet and numerals can be resized and are available in upper and lower case.

• You want help deciding on what stitch to use? You can press the help button to view alternative application of certain stitches and the recommended presser foot to use.

• On top of wish granting, this machine is packed with other features any sewists wish for. This machine allows for 15 variable needle positions. Extra high presser foot lifter and presser foot sensor works perfectly with the top drop-in bobbin system and specialized needle plate.

• Threading is a breeze with the automatic needle threader. An automatic thread trimmer is also installed in the machine so you can let go of your preschooler’s school shears.

• Thread tension and presser feet pressure can be adjusted. Drop feed function is available with the box feed system.

There is still a lot to say about this machine but I’m sure you would also want to know what this baby comes with…


Whats in the box?

Singer S18 review


Singer S18 Review: Known Issues


One issue that has been experienced by a lot of users is the software not working although there are some who are able to use it without an issue. There are possible cases of incompatibility with the computer OS and hardware. Please make sure that your PC meets the certain requirements to ensure that you won’t be encountering any software problem.


Singer S18 Review: Product Introduction