This machine is on the top rack of the Singer XL sewing & embroidery machine series. It has the most features among the 3 Singer XL machines. What these features are, and how different the XL-580 is from the XL-400 and XL-550 will be discussed in the Singer XL-580 review. Happy reading.


Singer XL-580 Review: Overview

Endless hoop? Ever heard about it? I personally haven’t until I came across the Singer XL-580 Futura. It is a dual purpose computerized machine that promises to sew and embroider and produce great results for both tasks. And yeah, a number of exclusive Singer features. The machine runs on 120V. Obviously, Singer made this machine (and all other Singers) with just the US and Canadian market primarily in mind. I wonder if they even considered expanding their market, making euro compatible machines will be a great start… Anyway, before I totally drift off-topic, let us start with the differentiator.

3 things make the XL-580 different from its ascendants. First is the number of built-in/ pre-loaded embroidery designs it features. It comes with 250 designs as opposed to the 125 that the XL400 and XK550 have. 50 out of the 250 are “Endless Designs” that is ideal to use on borders/ fabric edges. Which brings us to the second thing, the XL-580 comes with an endless embroidery hoop along with the standard small and large hoops. Lastly, an XL-580 purchase already includes the handsfree pressure feet lifter and an assortment of Singer design software.


Singer XL-580 Review: Features

Aside from the above-mentioned upgrades, Singer has retained their exclusive Singer-innovated features as well as the standard sewing machine features.


Singer Exclusive Features

SwiftSmart™ Threading System – This allows the user to thread the machine with his eyes closed. Ok, you got me there. That was a bit of an exaggeration. But seriously though, this Singer developed threading system saves you from the tedious process of threading a needle.

Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System – With this feature, you do not need to manually raise the end of the bobbin thread after placing the bobbin. As long as you followed the right bobbin orientation and thread direction, you can have one less thing to take care of.

3 StayBright™ LED Lights – Fully lit sewing surface without the heat that a normal light bulb will emit.

Direct Drive Technology – As opposed to other machines that use a drive to run the needle (which has a tendency to get misaligned), the Singer 8770 has the needle bar geared directly to the motor. This avoids the risk of misaligned drive and makes each thrust of the needle more powerful.


Standard Features

  • 1-Step Buttonholes (7 different options including the “endless buttonhole)
  • 225 Built-In Stitches, this ranges from practical/ construction stitches, specialized stretch stitches and a lot of decorative stitches.
  • Memory capability to save your customized stitch setting and combination. LCD screen
  • Box feed motion feeding system and Drop feed function
  • Needle up/ down function that can be programmed to your preference, Twin needle control, 13 needle position/ starting point
  • Mirror image and continuous pattern sewing (only applicable on selected stitches)
  • Automatic thread tension adjustment and presser foot pressure control. Auto width and length setting to match selected stitch and design (this can be overridden if you prefer otherwise)
  • Thread cutter, auto tacking and tie-off function



Singer XL-580 Review: Common Issue

Unfortunately, though I’m sure no manufacturer would deliberately produce a product with issues, it happens. Things that doesn’t present itself to product engineers or quality assurance and only present themselves when the product is already in regular use.

One common issue with Singer XL-580 Futura is its prone to thread breakage and the auto-tension malfunction. However, this can possibly be solved with following recommendations. What do I mean? I’m talking about the use of thread netting that tends to be disregarded. It does make a lot of difference when it comes to keeping the right thread tension and avoiding thread breakage due to it.

Also, it would be nice if Singer can level up the design software that comes with the package. Though it doesn’t run on DOS or Lotus hahaha, a newer UI would be great.


Singer XL-580 Review: Product Introduction