The Bernina brand of sewing machine prides itself with Swiss precision technology. This particular model is introduced to the public as the best beginner sewing machine there is. The brand didn’t claim to have extraordinary top of the line feature but promise a foolproof machine for novice and budding sewists. More on these general functions as we read on the Bernina 215 review.


Bernina 215 review: General Function


It has the basic yet necessary features you would expect from a high-end beginners machine. It is operated using a standard issue foot control pedal. I say standard issue because there is an option to upgrade to the Bernina foot control with kickback function. Maximum sewing speed is 900 stitches per minute. Stitch length can be set to be 5mm maximum and width maximum is 5.5mm.


The Bernina 250 is computerized and yet quite easy to navigate. It is capable of 11 practical type of stitches with a push button allocated for each type. You can really never go wrong. It also has a designated button for needle stop/ up and down. The speed can be set at max or half (450 stitches per minute) so you can stay in control of your sewing. An LCD display screen shows the current setting you are on. It also shows you previous settings you have used that has been saved in the machine’s memory.


It also features an LED sewing lights to make sure the needle area is well lit. Right beside the needle is a built-in threader so you can never miss. There is three manual thread cutter located at strategic positions. It allows for 9 different needle position and settings can be changed while sewing. This model also allows for manual multi-step buttonhole sewing, it has a darning program and reverses stitch function.


Bernina 215 review: Out of the box


The Bernina 215 already comes with several accessories/ attachment that a basic sewing project can possibly require. Below are what it includes out of the box:

  • Reverse pattern foot # 1 / 1C / 1D
  • Buttonhole foot #3 / 3C
  • Zipper foot #4 / 4D
  • Blindstitch foot #5
  • Slide-on free-arm table for ultimate sewing comfort
  • Dust cover
  • Accessory bag


Bernina 215 review: Parting words


So again, just as it claims, this indeed is one of the most recommended sewing machines for beginners. It is very straightforward and easy to use. The only area of concern would probably be its price range that is way beyond other basic sewing machines. But then again, if you have money to spend, why settle for a cheap brand when you can afford something better. Afterall, finding the right sewing machine will play a big role and influence in your decision to continually enhancing your sewing skills.