Sewing devices by Janome have gained popularity for its innovative style and modern manner of production. The same has been carried on with the Memory Craft 7700 QCP, a newly created model which is now part of its Horizon Line.

This specific device highly satisfies the needs of all who those who have a passion for quilting as it provides the bells and whistles they need. It also comes with a free arm and it offers a maximum of two hundred variety of stitches.

It is considered to be a sewing machine structured with a very strong foundation as it is made of a frame with a steel composition, which makes the whole machine itself immovable thus, making it highly to last for a very long time.

Several reviews for this machine have exceeded the ones for the model, Janome 6600P, due to the more functions added into the 7700. The first thing users have noticed upon taking it outside of its box is its weight. It is quite heavy, which shows that it can exist for a long time without any fear of deterioration.

It is definitely above other sewing machines in terms of durability and quality, superior to the rest.


  • You will not have any worry that it will lose its quality easily
  • It offers a wide variety of stitches which are made to adjust as to your preference
  • Its knee lift makes it very comfortable for quilters to use to use
  • It produces very precise stitches compared to other machines its range


  • It is costly

Apart from its high value, Janome 7700 sewing machine is not the type of sewing machine that should be recommended for those who have just started the basic sewing skills. The cost of the machine itself suggests that it is perfect for those who are highly experienced users. It has so many features that are not present in other sewing machines.

It is also worthy to note that this device does not make any noise when in use. The stitches it produces are such a perfection. Such a time-saving machine as it maximizes your effort, especially for those who work on several sewing jobs.

If you are a professional sewer or quilter, the Janome MC 7700 QCP is absolutely a must-have.