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sewing machine history

Hand sewing was not a choice but rather the norm in years long past. All home furnishings, clothing, and sacks used for agriculture or other storage purposes were all hand sewn. From that point to now, the road to the creation of the sewing machine has been a key thread in the fabric of our […]

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bad sewing habits

Everyone has bad habits. Whether you aren’t the best housekeeper, you cut corners on your work projects or you eat unhealthy foods while you are supposed to be dieting, everyone has bad habits. If those bad habits are part of your sewing experience, however, it may be time to say goodbye to them. Hopefully, you […]

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sewing machine facts

You open the box and there it is: a brand-new sewing machine. It could look a lot more intimidating than wanting to connect up your new Blu-ray player to your own television, but don’t let the sewing machine scare you away.  Once you learn the fundamental functions of the sewing machine and the purpose of […]

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Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

By Linda Ann Nickerson In today’s marketplace, the sewing enthusiast may spend hundreds, or even thousands, for a brand-new sewing machine. From a basic appliance to fully-computerized system, this is a capital investment. How can you keep yours humming along in good form? Notions Count Sewing machines can be costly, particularly if you opted for […]

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perfect sewing machine

If you are currently thinking about trying sewing, or you’ve had some time away from this awesome craft and want to get started again, welcome to the delightful world of sewing. Sitting at the perfect sewing machine can immerse you in long hours of creativity, an experience which you’ll treasure as much as your sewing […]

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