So you have passed the beginners basic stitching and fabric cutting courses and ready to put the sewing skills you learned to use. You are probably excited and hey we are excited for you too. Let us give you the basic pointers to follow so you can get started sewing your own clothes.

Get What You Need

Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

Before you get sewing, make sure you have everything you need for what you will be making. Take measurements to find out how much fabric you need. The length, as well as the selection of fabrics you would be using, is based on your measurements and the type of garment you are planning to make. Jeans, skirts, blouses and other articles of clothing have different textile requirements, you can also get fabric recommendations from store-bought sewing patterns. Get the matching threads to use on your fabric. Have your sewing machine and other essential tools ready.

Sewing Machine

Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

If you don’t have one yet, here are a few pointers on how to select the right sewing machine for you. If you already have one, then ensure that your sewing machine is well cared for and in perfect working condition before starting on your project. You don’t want the frustration of getting a set back due to a faulty machine.

Sewing Patterns

Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

Luckily, there are now several means to acquire ready-made patterns. You can buy ready-made patterns of different kinds of clothing that even comes in various sizes from sewing supply stores. You can also download a lot of free patterns from various websites (we recommend So Sew Easy). Another valuable option for beginners is to get a sewing book with several patterns of basic apparels because trust me, once you get your very first piece of cloth done, you’ll be wanting to sew another one soon enough.

Baby Steps

Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

Recently, I’ve always been hearing “Go big or go home!” and though I might agree, it’s not always applicable. Especially when talking about sewing for beginners. It’s ok to start with small and simple and progress to more elaborate projects as you continue to enhance your sewing skills.

Be Patient

Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

Know that it is normal to make a lot of mistakes the first time you are sewing your own clothes. One valuable technique seamstress use when creating new projects they have tried before is doing a test run using cheaper fabric like muslin before going for the actual fabric. This way, any potential issue that you have not projected while planning can be identified and addressed before you go on sewing the actual fabric you will be using.

Now you’re all set and ready to get started sewing your own clothes. Happy sewing!