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Easy Techniques To Choose Your Quilt Colors

So you found this free quilting pattern online and you love everything about it from the style down to the color combination. Unfortunately, not all the materials or colors you need is available from your local specialty store. Or perhaps you are a novice quilter and isn’t very experienced when it comes to fabric prints […]

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interesting sewing facts

Being a sewing enthusiast you probably already know a lot about selecting fabrics and threads, several types of machine and hand stitches as well as how to select and run maintenance on your sewing machine. Yes, you do know a lot of things about sewing so let’s go ahead and add more to your reservoir […]

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bad sewing habits

Everyone has bad habits. Whether you aren’t the best housekeeper, you cut corners on your work projects or you eat unhealthy foods while you are supposed to be dieting, everyone has bad habits. If those bad habits are part of your sewing experience, however, it may be time to say goodbye to them. Hopefully, you […]

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sewing machine facts

You open the box and there it is: a brand-new sewing machine. It could look a lot more intimidating than wanting to connect up your new Blu-ray player to your own television, but don’t let the sewing machine scare you away. ¬†Once you learn the fundamental functions of the sewing machine and the purpose of […]

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