How passionate are you about sewing? Do you (or want to) do everything from sewing garments, embroidering and quilting too? If you do, then you’d probably need 2 machines at least. Or NOT. This is because the Bernina 750 QE is advertised as a sewing, embroidery and quilting machine in one. Are you skeptical? I can’t blame you, it takes sophisticated engineering and design to create one machine that can perform 3 different functions and come up with high-quality result every single time. Let’s find out together in this Bernina 750 QE review article if it is able to meet the expectation that Bernina gave the consumers to expect.


Bernina 750 QE Review: Quilting


Bernina advertised this machine to be built for quilters. It was designed with an extra long free arm. The “throat” (the span of working area from the needle to the right end), as others call it, is 10 inches long. This allows the user to move more freely (free-motion quilting) which is what most prefer when quilting. It also has a slide-on table also as an added support when quilting large projects such as bedspreads. And, when I say slide-on table, I am not talking about the common detachable accessories box that also doubles as the machine’s table. What I mean is really an extension, that broadens your work area twice as much. The Bernina stitch regulator or BSR is an accessory that assists with free-motion sewing and quilting. It keeps your straight or zigzag stitch uniformed even when you change pace or direction. It usually needs to be bought as an add-on but it is a standard inclusion with the B 750QE.


Bernina 750 QE Review: Embroidery


For embroidery function, the package already includes 3 different sized embroidery hoops. They come in small, medium & large. The machine has 250 pre-programmed decorative stitches that you can still expand by importing your own designs. Basic editing functions can be done using the touchscreen display. One added edit command is making a mirror image of a pattern. This move couldn’t be done on earlier models.

Unfortunately though, for the best embroidery experience, they recommend that you use an embroidery module that can be easily attached, just like the slide-on table. I say unfortunately because the module doesn’t come with the standard accessories and needs to be purchased as an upgrade. (need not to say, at an additional cost)


Bernina 750 QE Review: Sewing


Just like any other Bernina models, this machine is generally reliable and possess great features like semi-auto needle threader, bobbin winding while sewing, stitch width and length adjustment. The thread cutting, reverse sewing, and start/ stop can be done by pushing a button. The feed system might make you uneasy when using it the first time on layers of fabric as a handful of other 750 QR owners complains of the machine feed eating the fabric. However, this can be resolved by using the presser feet type recommended after you have programmed the stitch setting. What is most delighting in this machine is the extra large bobbin, (I know I already mentioned it) but I just can’t help it and be so excited about this picture as it equates to fewer interruption.



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