“This is the Cadillac of sewing machines” is the first thought I had after seeing the Bernina 780 for the first time (and seeing how much it costs). For several thousand dollars, you can already get yourself a lot of other things, a 90’s era Japanese car perhaps, or maybe pay a few months of mortgage. This machine really costs a lot of money. Hence, the next thing that will cross one’s mind is, is it worth all those money? Let’s go ahead and find out in the Bernina 780 review.


Bernina 780 review: Standard Features


For the price of this machine, I guess it’s just right to expect ALL the advanced features and functions that can go into a sewing machine. Well, Bernina 780 Sewing & Embroidery Machine doesn’t disappoint. To start off, it runs on the patented Bernina B9 Hook System. This hook system is specially engineered for the Bernina 7 series and higher. It is designed to run faster yet quietly and accurately. The B780 can sew a maximum of 1000 stitches per minute. Width and length can be adjusted to 9mm and 6mm. There is also a 10-inch space/ free-arm from the needle to the right.


The B780 allows adjustments to 11 different needles position. It features a semi-automatic threader and automatic threader cutter/ trimmer. 3 manual thread cutter was also placed in strategic locations for user’s convenience. It has an adjustable presser foot pressure and uses Bernina Dual Feed technology. This fully computerized sewing machine has a colored touchscreen control panel. It allows you select the stitches available and/ or basic image/pattern editing functions. The Bernina 780 has internal memory, again for saving the history of your favorite configuration and recent stitches used. With a blinding 30 LED lights which were concentrated in the working area, you can say goodbye to your “sewing on shadow” days.


After you are done with the initial set-up, you can start sewing by pressing the start/ stop button. Although if you are not fond of this method and you prefer the conventional sewing process then you can add the foot control pedal with kickback function for some extra bucks. The needle stop up/ down, thread cutting and reverse stitch can also be controlled by a touch of a button.


Bernina 780 review: Additional Value


Apart from the regular features mentioned above, there are still more you can expect from the B780. Some of these features/ functions is why the Bernina 780 model stands out from the rest.


Firstly, with the B780, you’ll never run out of new stitches to use. It boasts of 1,306 number of stitches in total. This consists of 21 utility/ practical stitches, 15 types of buttonholes, 3 darning programs, 460 decorative stitches, 91 sideways motions stitches (yes, you can sew on a sideways or diagonal motion with this machine!) and a lot-lot more. It has a smart auto measuring system for buttonhole length. It even has a button sew-on setting.


You can get tutorial and on-screen help right from the full colored navigation screen. This machine can be linked directly, not only to a USB but also to a PC. The B780 also comes with another patented Bernina innovation which is the BSR or Bernina stitch regulator. It is a device that you plug-in to your Bernina sewing machine to regulate the length of your stitches when you’re free motion sewing. If I’m not mistaken, this small device retails on around $700-$800 but it is already included with the B780. Another inclusion is the extra wide free-arm slide-on table fir more sewing space and free-arm presser foot lifter.


Bernina 780 review: Overview


I have linked a couple of videos for you guys to show you the inspiration behind the Bernina 7 Series and the basic overview of the Bernina 780 Sewing and Embroidery Machine.



You will find this getting started video very helpful for you to get acquainted with the B780 Sewing & Embroidery Machine.