Brother ES2000 is known as one of the cost-effective sewing machines being sold, but its design is structured with efficiency and is of high quality. At the cost of only $130 to $400, this device is great for those searching for a quality sewing machine that is within their budget. It is most loved because of its user-friendly feature, which makes sewing more enjoyable, especially for those who would want to pursue it as a hobby. What makes it more handy is its digital characteristic, which enables one to change stitches and its wide variations that is so quick to apply.

With its wide table, sewers can definitely be comfortable in use when doing embroideries. It allows them to sew different kinds of projects, such as adding creative motifs to bed sheets and other fabrics like pillowcases, linens, and even towels. One thing most distinct about the machine is that its packaging consists of a multilingual, details specific, and clear illustrated guide, which makes the whole process of using it stress-free.

On the other hand, Brother ES2000 comes with some limitations too. There was feedback received by some of its users regarding its pressure regulator as being complicated to use. They could not control the amount of pressure exerted on its pedal, which makes it very disadvantageous when working with very smooth fabrics like those with vinyl.

Apart from this feedback, this sewing machine has been most favored by many and has received a lot of great reviews.

Weight and Size

Brother ES2000 is portable as it weighs at 11 lbs. Although it may not be as light as the others, there were no issues that users have a hard time transferring it to a different location when necessary. As a matter of fact, it comes with a protective shell, which makes it easier for users to lift from one spot to another. In terms of its size, it can be considered compact, which lets you place it on any standard size table.

Most users look forward to this apparatus to be used in projects that could last for a long time as its width is structured in a way that makes it firm to the ground.

Easy to Use

Despite its technical features, users of Brother ES2000 find it hassle-free to navigate. This is because it allows users to enjoy different types of stitches according to their purpose for sewing. This device likewise has a needle threader function automatically, which makes you save more time and effort when starting your work.

Extra Features

With a variety of built-in stitch options, 77 to be exact, this machine is perfect for tasks such as quilting apart from regular sewing.

Its digital LED screen makes the device very easy to use, and it allows you to select from its several functions the ones that are needed for any project you work on. Its 110V motor, which is noise-free, is a feature admired by users who work for extended periods in the evening.

Brother ES2000 works on a speed of 850 stitches/minute, which is actually faster than a Singer Sew Machine sold at its regular price; a very impressive character as Brother ES2000 is offered at a cost you can very much afford. What is even more impressive is that the machine comes with six feed dogs and five one-step buttonhole types, not to mention a quick-set bobbin and a thread sensor.

With the option of stitching from a 7mm width and a 5mm length, sewers, dressmakers, in particular, can make sure that they are stitching at a perfect angle since the machine has a number of needle positions.

It likewise makes them easy to correct mishaps when working as it comes with a built-in cutter for its thread.

Included in its box are several accessories inside the accessory pouch. It consists of twin needles, a needle pack, seam ripper, cleaning brush, screwdriver, bobbin and spool pin.

Included in the box are the accessories, which include needle pack, twin needles, screwdriver, seam ripper, bobbin, cleaning brush and spool pin.
For a more exact sewing process, users can maximize the start/stop button feature as well as have full control of its sewing speed through the use of its LED monitor.


Generally, this Brother ES2000 is a sewing device recommended to be purchased, especially by those who have recently started with sewing.

Designed for moderate usage, this equipment is one of those flexible sewing machines sold, which is perfect for quilting, doing embroidery, and regular sewing.

Because of its digital feature, Brother ES2000 offers much more variety of stitch designs compared with other machines sold at the same price.

Therefore, if you are looking for a sewing machine that has all those features stated above, Brother ES2000 is something you should consider purchasing.