Introduction to the Brother PE770 Embroidery Only Sewing Machine

For a long time, great embroidery could only be done in an embroidery shop. Many times, embroidery enthusiasts were frustrated by failure of the embroiders they entrusted with their designs. Thankfully, it is no longer necessary to endure the torture of unmet expectations. Brother Embroidery Only Sewing Machine is specially designed to make it easy to embroider at home.


The machine, code PE770, has a 5” x 7” wide field. This wide field provides enough space for the user to make big, highly detailed creations. Among other advantages, PE770 enables a user to easily combine designs without too much rehooping.

In addition to the above advantages, the machine has an LCD display that not only gives the user a good view of the design but also enables them to edit the designs. The touch screen LCD display is touch screen enabled and it is 1.4” x 2.7” wide, it is also designed to be easy to navigate. It enables the user to zoom into a specific part of the design so as to make editions if necessary.

The machine comes with 136 different designs built into it, this feature may be interesting to embroidery beginners. It also comes with six different lettering fonts. The fonts give the machine’s output diversity and enables the embroiderer to customize work according to their preferred output. PE770 has other features that make it highly functional, these include a built-in memory and a USB port and card reader.

Additional Designs

The presence of these two external memory ports mean that the range of designs that can be made using this machine is unlimited. A person can buy other designs or make the designs themselves and save them in a storage device for future use.

Inbuilt designs include floral, quilt and scrollwork. It also includes frame shapes and border styles. To further increase the number of designs available, the machine enables the user to access From the iBroidery website, the user can buy designs from a huge number of collections at an affordable price.

Ease of Use

The machine design also take into consideration simple issues that make embroidery tedious such as threading. It provides the user with instructions on numbered threading and an automatic threader. It also eliminates the need for thread trimming by the user since it has an automatic thread trimmer. The trimmer allows the embroiderer to trim threads on both the upper and lower parts.


Apart from the machine, the package comes with a single 5 x 7” hoop, a dust cover and a power cord. It also comes with a bag of accessories in which there is a needle set, a seam ripper, three spool caps and two screw drivers. Other accessories in the bag are a seam ripper, three bobbins and a pair of scissors. The machine also comes with a twenty-five-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons

The machine is particularly good for people without extensive knowledge of embroidery. It allows then to produce professional results without necessarily being professionals.

One of the disadvantages with this machine, is that the thread becomes too tense at times making it easy to break. If the thread snap, the machine tends to jam which makes it necessary to do time-consuming clean-ups to unjam it.

Conclusion on the Brother PE770 Embroidery Only Sewing Machine Review

Despite these weaknesses, the machine provides high-quality work and it is more than worth the amount it is sold for. For an armature or even a professional who wants to produce great designs putting minimal effort, this machine is an ideal product.