With a lot of various types of sewing machines found in the market, perhaps choosing one that fits your needs can be tough, particularly when it comes to price.

Take a peek at Janome 3128; this sewing machine sews about 650 stitches every minute. It’s fairly quiet and lightweight.

Unfortunately, not all say that they had a positive experience with this machine. Some sewists disliked its insufficient features and hoped that it has a built-in automatic needle threader or thread cutter.

However, before finalizing your decision, let’s have a look at this Janome 3128 Sewing Machine.


Janome 3128 is a kind of basic-looking sewing machine. Visually, it is color white, which is accentuated with a teal handwheel as well as its tension control bar. Its various types of stitches are printed in color grey in front of the machine. The casing and inside gears are made from durable plastic.


There is a limited warranty for Janome 3128, which is only 25 years. The warranty protects all issues in its workmanship, or materials except its electronic/electrical equipment, which has two years warranty only from the date it was purchase. A year of having this machine, replacements of all defective parts and its labor are free. In the years to come, replacements of damaged parts are free, but the costs of labor should be paid.


Lightweight and Compact

Many sewist raved about Janome 3128 because of it being lightweight which weighs 11 pounds only. Compared to different machines available in the market, this one is more portable.

One user has mentioned that the reason they purchased this machine is to prevent dragging around their 50 pounds sewing machine. That’s why if you’re looking for a conveniently movable craft from one room to the other or a machine that can be stored easily Janome 3128 is the ideal buy.

Either you keep it inside a closet or cabinet until you will use it, the weight of this machine is a hassle-free. But if you’ll keep it outside on the crafting table this machine does not occupy much space.

Its weight and size are best for those whose room area is not enough since it would not consume much of its space when you choose to place it there.

Best for Beginners

This one is absolutely an advanced sewing machine that is guaranteed ideal for the beginners.

If you’re seeking a simple sewing machine to work on a handful of projects or to repair hems, Janome 3128 is the best buy. Something more from this would be over and beyond.

Beginners would be capable of mastering the basics without pressure by a more advanced choice. This machine is also perfect for the occasional sewers who seek to hem clothing or fix rips.

Set-Up Easily

Some users acclaimed that Janome 3128 easy to set up which, is best for beginners because they will not be discouraged with its complex assembly.

It has a simple instruction, and if there are problems, different videos on Youtube is helpful. However, a sufficient number of diagrams and pictures are in the instructional manual, and that would be just fine.

This machine is designed as easy to use once it is set-up, and all kinds of users can catch on it quickly.


Numerous users have acclaimed how quiet Janome 3128 in comparison to other sewing machines. If you happen to have roommates but also enjoys sewing in the early morning before your roommates wake up, that is one great feature of this machine.

Nobody wishes to be disturbed by the whirring sound of gears while you sew pants. Luckily, Janome 3128 will purr on quietly.


Cannot be used for Tough Fabrics

Although this machine is sturdy, it cannot operate for multiple thick layers of fabrics. This machine is not for flannel, wool, and denim.

If creating a thinner, lighter fabric for the quilt, you will enjoy its capabilities. However, thicker types of materials would be challenging. For making napkins, creating simple outfits, or hemming pants is what this machine is for.

Absence of Thread Cutter

Unfortunately, Janome 3128 does not possess the thread cutter. This feature is conveniently great, saving you from reaching for the scissor from time to time. Although it’s not that necessary, still it’s good to have it, as for its price, you would have expected it to be part of the machine.

Absence of Automatic Needle Threader

This machine doesn’t have an automatic needle threader. Although it’s more like a luxury compared to a thread cutter, still, it is nice to have.

The absence of this part causes the machine to drop a few categorizations in favor of ours, as many modern machines include par for the course.

Overall Verdict

After passing over the negatives and positives, we recommend Janome 3128 Sewing Machine.

Although it’s a basic sewing machine, if you are just for sewing up a quick hem or only a beginner, this is the machine that you needed.

It does not possess the convenience that you wanted. On the other hand, this Janome 3128 does an excellent job for a quick project and is quiet as it works.