I could be wrong, but as far as I know, Singer is the sewing machine brand with the most models released. Oh well, what do I expect, they have been at play for more than 160 years. Some models last and continue to sell for several years while some have short existence. Let’s take a look at another median use household sewing machine from Singer which name implies brilliance. Here is the Singer 6199 Review.


Singer 6199 Review: General Specifications


The Singer 6199 Brilliance is 16.5 x 8 x 12.5 inches big and weighs 14 lbs. Aesthetic is quite common for compact sewing machines. White, small LCD, stitch illustrations printed facing the users. I noticed anti-slip rubber feet at the bottom in an effort to keep the machine in its place while sewing.


Singer 6199 Review: Features & Functions


This machine has all the necessary features and functions of a general household use sewing machine. The only difference is it has more number of stitch than those advertised as beginners machine.

• Maximum sewing speed is average for a household use sewing machine which is 750 stitches per minute.

• 100 built-in stitches consist of 9 basic, 76 decoratives, 8 stretch and 7 buttonholes. Stitch width and length are automatically set to what is most suitable for the type of stitch. However, these presets can be manually overridden if the user has other preference. Maximum stitch width is 6.5mm

• It features automatic needle threader function and extra high presser foot lifter. Allows 13 needle positions. Snap-on presser feet convenience and free arm capability.

• Reverse and reinforce stitch button. Stitch selection via up/ down navigation buttons. A small LED screen to show selected stitch.

• Automatic presser feet pressure and thread tension feature promises adaptability to all type of fabrics and stitch selected.


Whats in the box?

Comes with 8 presser feet and standard accessories such as needles, bobbins, etc. This machine falls under the compact portable Singer type that comes provided with a hard shell cover. Another inclusion that only comes with selected models is the wide extension table that literally looks like a table, feet and all.


Singer 6199 Review: Known Issues


Thread breakage and inconsistent stitches are the most common among all other user complaints about this machine. Heard a few about an oversensitive controller and difficulty accessing the bobbin (which is the usual top loading system). Hence I deem the later as isolated cases. The thread breaking though seems to make-up approximately 75% of the complaints. This can be one of 2 things, firstly, since the thread tension cannot be manually adjusted, it is possible that the auto-tension adjustment isn’t as adaptive as advertised. Second is (arguably) user error because this is possibly due to poor instruction.

I am specifically referring to incorrect threading. The instruction shows us a point to point threading process which might make us think we are doing everything correctly. However, on checkpoint #3 of the thread route, there is a cavity that the thread needs to be hooked into. Unfortunately, just following the threading guide without making it a point to run the thread to the said cavity will place the thread somewhere behind it. That being said, the machine will still let you sew but will eventually end up broken or jammed up. Correcting this mistake proved to be beneficial to several users.


Singer 6199 Review: Product Introduction