The Bernina 700 Embroidery only machine is one of the most advanced embroidery-only machine available in the market today. Let’s find out how so in the Bernina 700E Review.


Bernina 700E Review: Innovative Features


What set a Bernina machine apart from the rest is their initiative to continuously innovate. They always come up with a something new to make sewing and creating more efficient, convenient and fun.

The Bernina 700 embroidery machine runs on the innovative patented Bernina hook system which is regarded to be more precise and fits the central drive so well, it can sew more accurately and a lot quieter. Aside from their own hook system, B 700E is packed full of top of the line features.

To start off, B 700E has a really large embroidery area so you don’t have to worry about reducing designs due to a small work area. It has a Smart Secure function that smartly adds tie-on/off stitches if none is pre-programmed on the design It is accommodated with the Invisible Secure function to keep tie-on/off invisible. Another new function called the thread-up command can be activated with one touch of a button. It automatically raises the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric at the start of stitching to keep the wrong side of the project clean.

What you’ll really love on the B 700E is its pinpoint placement function. It allows you to easily position and aligns your embroidery design on your fabric. This machine also has the Bernina Adaptive Thread Tension, another innovation from Bernina. It automatically checks and places back thread tension to what you’ve set for the particular design and material used. Now, remember the time when you are halfway through a design and you run out of bobbin thread? What a total pain in the neck trying to place the hoop back exactly where it needs to pick up where it left off, right? That is a now a thing of the past because the B 700E now have front-loaded bobbin assembly. You don’t have to take off the hoop from the machine when removing and replacing the bobbin. On top of this, the bobbin for this model is bigger hence better. It holds 70 % more thread than the standard bobbin thread so you don’t need to refill that often. A total time and effort saver. You can also have as much as 15 threads on a spool with its 15-thread spool holder so that you’ll have all the color and thread type you need for a particular design.


Bernina 700E Review: Getting Started



All in all, you can never go wrong with the Bernina 700 Embroidery only machine. The price isn’t for the commoners, to be honest, but totally worth it when you already have a reliable designated sewing only machine and a lot of embroidery projects.