As for those who have recently developed a passion for sewing, Brother XM1010 is a very helpful device. One should always start with the basic and the simplest tool to use. For someone who has zero-skills but posses eagerness to learn how to sew, this model works best in terms of its cost and function.

Primary Features 

Before making a decision to purchase a sewing machine that will work effectively for its purpose, it is best that you do some research first on every particular unit you are planning to buy. As this device will be your main tool as you start with your sewing journey, you have to be familiar with the features it offers.

We have listed here the most significant features and functions Brother XM1010 Sewing Machine has that are worthy to be considered.

It consists of 10 Built-in Stitches

From a variety of 10 decorative, zigzag, blind hem stitches, and more, Brother XM1010 proves to be of multiple functions containing these built-in stitches feature. One decisive factor for selecting the best sewing device is the type of stitching options it provides. This model contains the most often used stitches, and there is nothing more to look for in a sewing machine when you are just starting to learn how to sew.

You can choose from its four feet options

This model offers its users four options when it comes to its feet settings. The machine can be easily adjusted or switched as to the function it is needed.

It has an Easy-to-use Stitch Selector

We can never give much emphasis on the kind of convenience the built-in stitches feature lets its users experience. Its lack of screen display as reference and guide to the stitching options, however, is compensated by the dial set up for the purpose of easy selection of the kind of stitch to be used. The selection is displayed on the front part of the sewing device.

Positive Characteristics of Brother XM1010

  • The 25-year warranty offered by the product leaves its users with a sense of trust on its quality and durability.
  • With the handy thread tension, you can easily make changes to the stitches’ size, which results to a more precise stitch on the fabric.
  • Bobbin is structured in a manner that jams are prevented, maintaining cleanliness in your sewn fabric.
  • It comes with a very reasonable price that works best for those who are only starters in sewing tasks.
  • The product, itself, consists of a set of important accessories for sewing. This lets the users feel that they can save more rather than spending to buy the needed items individually.

Limitations of Brother XM1010

  • A beginner needs an expert sewer’s guide to use this device as it lacks the foot controller for its speed.
  • The Brother XM1010 sewing device is not built to perform heavy-duty tasks. It is limited for sewing only lighter materials or fabric.
  • There is no power button for the sewing machine which, leaves it ”on” the whole time when using it.

To conclude, Brother XM1010 is a perfect option for those who are learning the basics of stitching or sewing. It can achieve its purpose for students who work on school projects or for individuals who have minor sewing tasks at home. However, this product is totally not for professional users as the functions are limited to simple sewing jobs.