The Janome 3160QDC is a computerized, lightweight sewing machine. It is more cost-effective than the famous 4120QDC and is a perfect match for quilters, those into home crafts, and of course, for people who prefer a portable unit.

The 3160QDC is very easy to use and is likewise a good option for those who are just starting to sew, more so, those who are more technically adept in weaving. It sews effortlessly, comprises many useful characteristics, and goes with built-in stitches. There are some concerns, however, that the illumination is a bit faint or low.

Janome 3160QDCC and its Special Features:

1. Tension Scale or Dial

There is a precision tension dial on this unit, enabling you to adjust the pressure, and it, too, can maintain your momentum. So that when you are stitching on various fabrics, the needed pressure will complement your needs.

2. The Stitches That Were Built-in

It has 60 stitches, serving much of the stitching needs of households. These stitches come with six buttonholes, letters, frames, and the like. Though it is just a machine for sewing, if you want the materials to embed embroidery on it, you can embroider the label. It will help you do it. Consequently, you may do a full variety of sewing activities with the said built-in stitches.

3. Needle Threader-Automated

As a computerized sewing machine, it has a lot of intelligent and automated features. One of them is the Needle Threader. With this feature, there is no need to wind threads manually. You’ll push the button instead, and the computer will do it for you. Accomplishing this helps you save a lot of time and will also enhance the quality of your job.

4. Screen and Control Panel on LCD

The LCD encourages you to have complete control of the whole sewing process. It’s where you can attach your computer on which you can pick your stitches and edit them. Plus, having a control screen can help you view in-depth stitches. Therefore, you can see more information about the stitches for added decoration with this kind of support. Thus, making it possible to create the finest and best stitches you’d love to create.

5. A Table with Extension

This machine has robust features and capabilities. The concept is to have the potential to sew fabrics like quilts in large sizes. And why are they able to perform these tasks? Its extension table is the key, giving you extra sewing workspace to work on more comprehensive materials.

6. Pace for Sewing

This machine’s overall stitching speed is high, and stitches can reach up to 820 per minute. But this pace isn’t fixed; it’s flexible. You can still adapt to your sewing speed according to your preferred specification to keep your accuracy.


The Janome 3160QDC is an outstanding model of the sewing machine. Not only is it for beginners, but also seasoned tailors. Overall, this model is a cost-effective solution to all your sewing needs. If you want to find a computerized sewing machine that is best for home use, this is the one for you.