Imagine a sewing machine that combines two interests of your child or teenager; a curiosity for sewing and Hello Kitty! The Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 Sewing Machine (Model 11706) is a cute teal colored machine that is affordable and easy to use for children who might be intimidated by bigger models with strange-looking gizmos. Pros will be pleasantly surprised to find all the features they want like the carrying handle and the four step button hole.

Key features of the Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 Sewing Machine

  • Built in stitches- The machine has 11 stitches programmed into it, which is perfect for learners and just right for those with more sewing experience.
  • Easily accessible side bobbin which makes it easier to load.
  • A lever which reverses the stitch, allowing for reinforcement.
  • Dial for stitch selection. This dial also controls the 11 stitches, which include two different stretch stitches
  • Detachable storage area, which allows free arm sewing for difficult projects. This gives beginners a feel for the flow of sewing.
  • A four step button hole, which when coupled with the built-in stitches allows a newbie to easily and quickly adapt to sewing.

What you will love about the Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 Sewing Machine

  • The size – being a 3/4 machine means it is 25% smaller than normal machines, which is a good thing for most beginners and children.
  • Color and pattern- It has a lovely teal color with white flowers and the words “Sewing pretty with Hello Kitty” something most Hello Kitty fans would appreciate.
  • Portable- it’s size and weight of only 12 lbs. make it ideal to carry around the house and to sewing classes.
  • Versatile- with its metal frame, it is possible to undertake projects with denim, sew purses, dresses, and curtains with relative ease.

This is definitely the machine to go for if you are looking for a smooth running, affordable and easy to use machine that will not frustrate the curious little hands. This compact machine will stand up to regular household sewing, mending, as well as fun Halloween costumes and your teenager’s projects.

This model has a few limitations. First, the machine offers no speed control. Hence, you either sew with regular speed or you are not sewing at all. On the upside, kids learn the pedal control. Also, it has no automatic bobbin winding, so one has to learn how to do it manually. Finally, although the finger guard on the presser foot is missing, the design prevents wandering fingers from getting trapped. Adult supervision is highly recommended until the young ones grasp the concept of safety while sewing.

A fun way to learn sewing

The Janome Hello Kitty 3/4 Sewing Machine is one of the most fun machines to learn with. Its vivid colors are stimulating and fun for kids who are developing an interest in sewing. It is also great for experts who are limited on space or strapped for cash since it can perform most of the functions of a full sewing machine. It offers some of the best features compared to other machines within this price range and comes highly recommended for Hello Kitty fans and those who want to build on their sewing skills.