If you are on the lookout for a high quality, feature-packed serger sewing machine, then the Juki Portable Serger MO644D is precisely what you need. The manufacturers have incorporated a dedicated and powerful drive cutting system, high-quality stitch formation and ease of use in this amazing serger. If you find the task of threading overlock machines a bit daunting, Juki has thoughtfully made a color-coded threading system. This serger breakthrough and more features are identified in this Juki MO644D Review.


Juki MO644D Review: Key Features


  • A color-coded threading that has a thread breakaway looper adjustment, which is useful for adjusting the differential feed and stitch length.
  • Powerful knife system- the sturdy knife cuts easily through most fabrics. The dedicated drive mechanism ensures that it consistently powers through heavy, medium or light fabrics.
  • A serging speed of 1500 stitches per minute. This is faster than most sergers in this price range and it’s definitely useful if one needs to speed through projects
  • Has a 2/3/4 thread serger and which has an automatically rolled hem. Rolled hemming is an exceptionally useful feature for those starting out since it helps bring out complex designs. Pros also benefit from this feature in creating neat professional edges on upholstery as well as for sewing elaborate gowns.
  • Versatile presser foot which is useful for installing sequins, tape, and elastic into projects.
  • An array of accessories- The machine comes with various accessories to make your serging smooth, fun and efficient. These include; a tweezer (for threading), a thread looper, thread nets, a light bulb, foot control, an oiler among others.


If you are dealing with knits, the machine is perfectly capable of handling most knitted fabrics. The differential feed allows you to make any adjustments if you encounter any ruffles. As for felted wool, this Juki sews beautifully through several layers without experiencing skipped stitches or jamming. Stitching through denim is a breeze. Despite the fact that it is branded for medium and lightweight fabrics, this portable serger can comfortably maintain consistency even in the thick inseams.


Juki MO644D Review: Advantages


  • Most overlock machines are intimidating for most people because they can be a bit difficult to thread, but not the Juki MO644D. Its color-coded threading system makes it a walk in the park. Even the tiny spaces are easily accessible with tweezers that come with the machine.
  • It is portable, yet sturdy. Despite being made of cast aluminum, it is easy to carry around the house and take it to classes or work.
  • Easy to adjust- The machine has dials conveniently located to adjust several features like the differential feed, the stitch length, tension and the cutting width.
  • The presser feet can easily be swapped and there is a variety of presser feet compatible with this machine that you can invest in depending on the needs of your projects.


Juki MO644D Review: Disadvantages


Unfortunately, even with lovely color coded threading, it might be a challenge to thread through the mobile tower. It can be quite a frustrating experience but with some patience and plenty of practice, you get a grasp of how it works.

The Juki MO644D is a remarkably versatile machine that comes highly recommended for newbies and experts in serging. It is reliable and sturdy, and much faster than most machines in this price range.