There was a time when I didn’t even know that there are several different types of sewing machines. I thought that everything that is made by fabric can be done on the same machine- the treadle machine. You can’t blame me, growing up, that’s the only machine I had a personal encounter with and it wasn’t even working. It was just sitting in my grandma’s storage and accumulating dust. This generation’s sewists are lucky because a broad selection of specialty sewing machines in different price and feature range is already available. One of them is the serger machine. I took the time to look closer at one high selling model. Please continue reading my Singer 14CG754 Review and see what I found out.


Singer 14CG754 Review: Overview


As most of us already know sergers are specifically designed to sew any edges on fabrics/ garments. Although some sewing machines can mimic the overlocking stitches that a serger performs, it can’t guarantee the same quality outcome. Plus, being able to successfully sew an edge, especially on slippery garments will hugely rely on the sewists’ skill if a standard purpose sewing machine is used. The Singer 14CG754 serger eliminates the need to have a mad skill for a perfect seam or hem. Two reasons why: 1. You can afford it. It is a lot less expensive compared to other serger machines of the same caliber. 2. It has (almost) all the stitch type for whatever edge you can possibly need.


Singer 14CG754 Review: Features


Here are several standard serger features from the Singer 14CG754 that users would want to know about:


  • ✓ It’s fast. It can sew at a maximum of speed of 1300 stitch per minute. It’ll complete your finishing touches on your projects in a snap.
  • ✓Color-coded threading guide. Since this serger holds 4 threads, there are 2 needles and 2 loopers that need threading. This can prove to be a problem and there is a risk for misaligned threading. Singer added the color coding to avoid confusion.
  • ✓Free arm function- Accessories box, like on most sewing machines can be detached to reveal the machine’s free arm. Doing this can allow you to sew edges on cuffs and other hard to reach or small edges.
  • ✓4-3-2 stitches function – It has the ability to perform 6 different overlocking stitches that makes use of between 2 to 4 threads/ stitch combination. Some of the stitches can even be used for decorative stitching.
  • ✓Stitch length/ density adjustment- Stitch length can be modified to suit the fabric and application. Adjustment can be done with a simple turn of a knob. Stitch length adjustment on this machine also determines the density of the stitch.
  • ✓ Feed control adjustment – The fabric feed can be controlled to obtain different outcome from a stitch. Standard setting will sew straight hems while changing setting like the speed of feed dog intake can result in ruffled edges.
  • ✓ Adjustable thread tension – Thread tension control dial can easily be turned to adjust tension. One adjustment control for each thread is provided and each dial carries the same color codes as the thread guides. This makes it a lot easier for the user to identify easily the adjustment dial to turn.
  • ✓ Feet are easy to replace and can be lifted to an extra high position.
  • ✓ An attached carrying handle gives you the ability to take and move the machine with you wherever you please.
  • ✓ This also comes with an installed LED light for a well-lit sewing area.


Singer 14CG754 Review: Concerns


The most common concern from people who have used the SInger 14CG754 is the difficulty of threading this machine. In my personal opinion though, it may just take a little getting used to. Threading this machine is not the same as threading a conventional sewing machine. For users who are used to having a machine with auto-threading functions, this will really be a dilemma. There is also a sporadic mention of the wobbliness and loudness of its operation.


Singer 14CG754 Review: Getting Started




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