In this Singer 1507WC Review, we will take a close look at one popular model among several of Singer’s basic sewing machine line of products.


Singer 1507WC Review: General Specification


The 1507WC is a mechanically operated free-arm beginner’s sewing machine. Surprisingly, for the function it holds, it is a bit bigger than several other Singers. The unit dimension is 15″ x 8″ x 12″ and weighs 16.5 pounds. The aesthetic feature is very neutral and a bit boring to my personal taste. Though, I understand that others might have a different opinion and prefer very simple designs. The frame and most of the machine’s mechanism are made of metal so it is adequately durable. Be warned though, that Singer will only honor the warranty if the machine is strictly home-used only.


Singer 1507WC Review: Features And Functions


The Singer 1507WC has all the necessary functions of a basic manual sewing machine. Sewists who are accustomed to modern, computerized sewing machines might find this particular model lacking in features. However, it does serves its purpose.

  • Comes with 8 stitch patterns including an automatic (4-step) buttonhole function. Stitches can easily be selected with a turn of a dial. Types of stitch are printed on the dial itself.
  • Stitches length can be adjusted. Width adjustment is only applicable for a zigzag stitch.
  • Manual needle threading, though Singer promises the threading process to be quite easy to do.
  • Presser foot pressure can be adjusted manually by turning the adjustment dial (that looks more like a screw top/ head) with a coin. This adjustment control is located on top of the machine on its left-most side (when facing the machine).
  • Unique feature: Horizontal bobbin orientation. The bobbin is not set up the usual way. Most of the bobbin system you will see are top loading with a drop-in placement method. The 1507WC though has a side loading bobbin system. The bobbin is attached to the case first before inserting both horizontally to the bobbin compartment.
  • Free arm functions with accessories box attachment that can easily be detached.


Singer 1507WC Review: What’s In The Box


Singer 1507WC review


Singer 1507WC Review: Getting Started